10 Tips on how to lower high cholesterol

As high cholesterol levels is really very risky for health, here are some tips on how to lower high cholesterol which may be helpful.

high cholesterol
high cholesterol

1. Red meat must be avoided for non vegetarian. Fish or chicken can be taken instead of red meat. Fish contains fatty acids which is good for health.

2. Also use boiled chicken instead of fried chicken in chicken sandwich or burger.

3. Don’t use cream in soup; also use low fat milk in daily routine.

4. Include more and more fruits and vegetables in your diet as they contain potassium, minerals, vitamins and calcium which are helpful for the body.

5. Don’t take the food which has high level of cholesterol in it. Milk, non veg., fried items of markets and other fatty products are some of the items which have high Cholesterol present in them.

6. Do more exercises and participate in more plying, dancing, swimming, etc. activities. It will help in lowering your body weight and help in maintaining low fat and cholesterol of the body.

7. Less amount of sodium is to be taken in the food products. Salt is the main source of sodium and its less quantity should be maintained in food.

8. Ways to be searched to reduce tension, depression, hypertension, etc. in our daily life by which cholesterol have higher chances to harm the body in many different ways.

9. Fiber is good for health so high percentage of it should be taken in the diet to lower high cholesterol levels.

10. Keep regular track of your weight and always try to maintain balanced weight as compared to your height. More weight can cause high blood pressure and also leads to more heart related problems.