3 Ways to Get Over a Sore Throat

A sore throat is one of the most irritating things in the world. This is because you pretty much cannot do anything without being in some kind of pain. You can not swallow, drink anything, eat anything, say anything, or even breathe without it hurting. There are tons of ways to cure- or at least temporarily relieve- a sore throat, and sometimes they work, and sometimes they do not. It all depends on the person, and the type of sore throat they have.

Sore Throat

The first thing to understand about sore throats, is why they happen in the first place, as this knowledge will give you an opportunity to treat the specific cause of the sore throat, and thus hopefully get rid of it in the process.

Most common reasons for a sore throat

There are many reason for a sore throat, but these are among the most common reasons.

1.   Bacterial Infection- There are all kinds of bacteria in the mouth that can cause a sore throat. Among the most common bacterial infections in the throat is strep throat. Bacterial infections can cause a host of other problems as well, if not treated properly.

2.   Viruses- This is the most common reason for a sore throat. Any number of viruses can trigger the glands in the throat to enlarge, and thus cause a sore throat.

3.   Allergies- A sore throat is one of the most common reactions to allergies, especially if the person has a food allergy. They typically do not cause sudden, very painful sore throats, but they do cause mild irritations of the throat, which can make it sure.

4.   Breathing through the mouth- When a person breathes through the mouth more than the average person does, it can cause the throat to become very dry, and therefore very irritable, and thus leads to a sore throat.

A few ways to effectively combat the dreaded sore throat

There are numerous ways to combat a sore throat, some work better than others, but it really just depends on a person by person basis. So, if one method does not work, try another one. Odds are, one of them will eventually work and your sore throat will go away

1.   Use an over-the-counter sore throat spray- Obviously, this sounds really simple and is not a secret at all. But, the key ingredient for these sprays is the menthol, which numbs the throat and soothes it as well. You can make your own spray by using a few drops of menthol in some water, which you can also use as a mouth rinse.

2.   Take a hot shower: Steam is a great thing when you have a sore throat, because it will help reduce the symptoms of the sore throat, and in some instances, will make it go away for good.

3.   Avoid cold drinks: Stick to room temperature or warm beverages.