5 Best Hair Removal Methods

Beauty is a thing which everyone need and adore. There are many factors which affect one’s beauty and unwanted hair growth is one among them. Generally unwanted hair is referred to the hair growth in areas such as armpits, bikini lines, legs, hands and face.

Hair Removal

This is highly bothered by females. Males feel hair growth adds to their maleness while females just do not like this hair growth. Generally this feeling arises from the adolescence stage and till death the hair removing process continues.

Today there are many best hair removal methods available. Even dermatologists recommend the hair removal to be safe and hygienic for females. Hair removal is also preferred by athletes because it is said that a hair free skin offers quicker wound healing which is very essential for them.

Not all hair removal methods can be applied to all parts of the body and not all methods are safe to apply on every part. In some cases hair growth occurs due to some physiological problems.

Like some may have polycystic ovaries, increased testosterone levels etc. which may lead to such growth.

5 best hair removal methods – A quick look

Let us see the 5 best hair removal methods which are proven safe by dermatologists.

1- LASER/Pulsed light:  In this case the light energy passes through the hair shaft and destroys the hair root. So for a good period of time the hair growth is arrested in such areas.

According to laser hair removal leicester this method is less painful, much faster and safer when compared to other methods of hair removal. In this method hair does not come out immediately, it gradually weakens and falls off.  It can be done anywhere on the body. This is not a permanent solution; it requires a touch up every year.

2- Electrolysis: This is similar to the LASER technique. This can be said to be a permanent solution. Here a tiny needle which is inserted reaches the cell responsible for the hair growth. So there is no way for the hair to grow again in the same spot. This is also fast and pain less method.

3- Waxing: This is one of the popular and best hair removal method applied by many people. In this method a sticky substance is applied to the skin where hair is to be removed and a thin strap of cloth is sticked to it and pulled in the opposite direction of the hair growth. This is not a permanent method and should be done once in a month. This method is painful when compared with other methods.

4- Shaving: Shaving is one of the oldest methods used for hair removal. There are many special razors available for women which is safe for their skin. This is also a painless method but to be done carefully. This may lead to cuts on skin if the razor or blade used is old or of poor quality.

5- Creams: At markets there are many creams available for the hair removal. This is very easy and painless method. The skin sensitivity should be checked before using any creams. Or else it may lead to skin allergy.

These are the 5 best hair removal methods. There are also many other methods available like plucking, threading, tweezing etc.