5 Check-ups You Can’t Miss This Summer

Putting off doctor visits is easy, especially when life gets busy with homework, sports and activities. When the school year ends, it’s time to start thinking about your family’s health needs. The lazy days of summer are the perfect time to catch up on important health exams. This can really help prepare your loved ones for the new school year. Here are five check-ups that you can’t miss.

Save Your Skin

Summer means more time in the sun, so there’s no better time to visit a dermatologist for a skin cancer check. A dermatologist visit is more than just checking for suspicious moles. He or she will also go over the basics of preventing cancer, sunburns and wrinkles, and suggest the best sunscreen to keep the UV rays from scorching your skin this summer.

Watch Your Weight

No school means it’s easy for your kids to lay around playing video games all day. Keep your family’s fitness in check by visiting a nutritionist. Bring a list of the foods your family typically eats as well as the types and amounts of exercise everyone engages in. The nutritionist will get you on the right track and help you stay there. Watching your health this summer can be a great way to prepare your family for the new school year.

5 Check-ups You Can't Miss This Summer

Check Your Chompers

Summer is the perfect time to get your family’s dental health up to speed. Visit a family dentist, such as Village Family Dental, to get everyone’s check-ups out of the way in one day. If your kids need dental work, they won’t have to worry about missing school, so take advantage of the days off for major procedures like wisdom teeth extraction or putting on braces.

Take Care of Yourself

Moms often forget about their own health while worrying about their kids. Now that school and activities are finished, take the opportunity to take care of yourself by getting a Pap smear and breast exam. It’s also a great time to introduce your teenage daughters to the gynecologist so they can learn about birth control methods and get the HPV shot.

Get a Head-Start on Shots

School will start again sooner than you think, so get a jump-start on those back-to-school vaccinations. Adults often neglect their vaccination schedule, which means you should take the opportunity to catch up on your own shots. Tetanus shots are especially important for summer days. Don’t wait until you experience a cut or puncture wound on the beach or working in the garden. It is always a good idea to do all that you can to be prepared for things like this in advance.

Taking advantage of slow summer days to catch up on these important health checks will set your family on the right track to start the school year. Scheduling appointments is also a lot easier over the summer when everyone is out of school. Make sure to take advantage of this while you can.