6 Common Sleeping Disorders You Should Know and Care For

Sleeping Disorders are today common worldwide. Many people are suffering from one or more than one sleeping disorders.

Every person according to their necessity requires at least 6-10 hours of sleep. Lacking which can affect proper working and functioning of our body. If you can’t sleep well, it is important to know about the real sleep problems you are affecting from.

Here is a short description about various common sleeping disorders that may be helpful for you to judge the real problem you may be suffering from:

Sleeping disorders

1- Hypersomnia

This is a condition of sleeping disorder in which person find it troublesome while awakening during day time. He/she feels to be sleepy all the time and can fall asleep anytime of the day or night. They can sleep well even while working in office or while driving.

This is a common sleep problem which is generally caused due to other sleeping disorders like narcolepsy, consumption of  alcohol or by some type of head injury, etc. Lack of rest or sleep is also one reason for this problem.

2- Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is another common sleeping disorders which should be known. Person affecting from it feels excessive daytime sleepiness. Muscle tone, distorted perceptions and the inability to move or talk can be some other narcolepsy symptoms

3- Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is another most common sleeping disorders among people all over the world. In this condition person feels difficulty in breathing while he/she is sleeping. Interesting part is that the person does not actually know about it while they are at different stages of sleep. Snoring which is one of the key sleep apnea symptoms is seen in the people affecting from this problem. This is generally due to narrow airways created during sleeping.

People with larger tongue or larger neck are found to be affected from these types of sleep apnea symptoms. Many times others sleeping with the affected person also find difficult to sleep, affected from the noise of snoring.

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4- Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is a sleeping disorder in which affected person find it restless during the stages of sleep and sleeping hours. People with RLS experience restless legs, paining sensation, burning, etc. and find it hard to get comfortable sleep.

5- Jet Lag

Jet lag is a sleeping disorder which is some what temporary. Affected individual generally suffer from various other sleeping disorders due to air travel across different places having different time zones.

Due to change of places people find it hard to complete their sleep and find it hard to adjust at the present time conditions. They generally forget about how much sleep they had taken.

6- Insomnia

People suffering from insomnia are unable to fall asleep comfortably. They find themselves restless when lying down on the bed and feels difficult to stay asleep normally.

Other Sleeping Disorders and Conditions that are Common

a) Walking in Sleep

Walking in sleep is a condition of sleepwalking in which affected people perform some activities while sleeping. Walking is most common during this and people are not aware that they are walking during their sleeping conditions. Sleepwalking can be seen in any person irrespective of age or sex.

b) Bed wetting

Bed wetting is common in kids. It is often seen in the children ranging from 1 to 4 ages.  Some children are also seen to be wetting the bed after the age of 4 also.

This is generally caused by the inability to recognize the need to use the washrooms while sleeping. It can also be linked to emotional trauma, especially in older children and adults.

c) Teeth Grinding

People suffering from teeth grinding sleep problem, grinds their teeth while sleeping. This condition is also known as bruxism. Also it can result in some type of sleeping problems in near future if not controlled. This may be caused due to anxiety or stress.

Getting the help:

Prolonged affects of sleep deprivation can lead to various other health complications and major sleep problems. It is therefore recommended that individuals who are suffering from any of these sleeping disorders should take proper rest and effective sleep to lower the symptoms of various sleeping disorders.

In case of major problem it is best to consult the physician as soon as possible to get the best treatment for any of these sleeping disorders.