A Good Night’s Sleep is Essential for Woman’s Health

Woman’s care and health specialists all emphasize on the importance of good sleep for a healthy life. Sleep removes tiredness and gives rest to the body and mind; it restores energy and even removes wrinkles on the face. Good sleeping habits are important for both working women and women who are home makers.

woman sleeping

Today women have multiple tasks with demanding day jobs and child care at home, which often times leads to excess stress.

These women therefore suffer from sleep problems and at times even insomnia. During pre-menopausal and menopausal periods, women are more prone to disturbed sleep patterns.

Studies show that women are twice as likely as men to suffer from sleep disorders. This all is due to hormonal imbalances. Hence it is necessary for women to take care of their health and have good sleep habits.

Sleep disturbances and insomnia causes lack of energy, inattentiveness, irritability, mood swings, poor quality of life, lowered job performance, job injuries and even accidents.

To maintain good sleep routine, women does not always need a medical help. But there are even simple tips available online for them to stay healthy. These simple tips can help you to sleep better at night and to remain healthier and more active during day time.

Tips for good night sleep for woman

One way to have good sleep is maintaining a routine, that is going to sleep and waking up early at the same time daily. It’s important to do this on weekdays and weekends as well.

A daily routine before sleeping acts as a signal for the body. The body becomes habituated to this sleep ritual and recognizes it well which helps them to fall asleep at the time. Sleep rituals include reading a book, listening to some soft music, having a warm non caffeine drink such as milk.

Watching television or drinking tea or coffee few hours before sleeping is not advisable as it might act as a brain stimulant and keep you away from sleeping.

Trying electric adjustable beds are good for people who are suffering from conditions like chronic pain, arthritis, physical disability, etc. These type of bed helps in easing the pain by providing better alignment to the body.

The room where you sleep must be totally dark. If possible draw the curtains and turn off as many lights as possible. You must also make sure that there is no noise to distract you.

If you have disturbed sleep which often wake you up in the middle of the night, try some meditation tasks or staring at a spot on the wall with your eyes open, rather than forcing yourself to fall asleep. Often this might have the opposite effect and you will fall asleep.

Hope these all tips helps you in maintaining good health by sleeping better at night.