A Straighter Smile is a Happier Smile: Finding the Best Brace for You

Many people dread going to the orthodontist and if you are an adult, the idea that you may need braces or other orthodontic procedures to correct your teeth can be daunting.

However, orthodontics has come a long way in the past several years, and there are many new procedures that cost less, take less time, and look less awkward than traditional braces.

English: Invisaling aligner
English: Invisalign aligner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Hygienic Benefits of Straight Teeth

The benefits of orthodontics are abundant. These services can help people with a variety of dental irregularities such as missing or crooked teeth, an overbite or underbite, or even disorders of the jaw joint.

Orthodontic treatment is beneficial for the long-term health of your teeth because properly aligned teeth are easier to clean and allow good dental hygiene to be maintained, which is important for preventing tooth decay.

Correct alignment may also improve the chewing and digestion of food since people with bad bites usually chew less efficiently.

In addition, orthodontic procedures may even improve the speech of an individual with a misalignment, as this can cause speaking difficulties.

What Braces Are Out There?

Fortunately, there are many different types of brace systems available to those who have varying needs and want something more than traditional braces can provide.

According to Thousand Oaks dentist, most of these are convenient and even cheaper than the older systems, which is a relief for those who want a discreet and affordable way to fix their dental irregularities.

One popular procedure, called Invisalign, is used to correct crooked teeth, gaps, and over/underbites and uses clear, see-through aligners that are unique to the shape of the owner’s mouth.

These aligners can be removed at any time but must be worn for 22 hours a day to work effectively. Over time, they help move the teeth into a straighter and more natural position.

For those who want a great-looking smile at a faster rate, consider Six-Month Smiles. This system is used for a variety of dental irregularities and treatment time is reduced by up to 75%.

Tooth-colored wires are used to gently reposition teeth and while this method is not as discreet as Invisalign, the cost is more affordable and you will have straighter teeth in a smaller amount of time.

There are even options for those who wish to correct minor orthodontic problems such as a tooth gap or to correct an orthodontic relapse.

The system, called Simpli5, is one such method to correct these problems and it typically only takes about 10-20 weeks to complete the treatment.

Talk To Your Orthodontist

If you are wary about seeking orthodontic services, remember that there are now many more options available to reduce your discomfort.

Wearing traditional braces can be socially awkward for an adult to endure, so remember to discuss all of your options with your orthodontist or cosmetic dentist and pick the best method for you.