Abdominal Pain in Women – Signs Symptoms and Problem during Pregnancy

Every year, numbers of pregnant women suffer from the problem of abdominal pain during pregnancy. Though in most of the cases, it is a harmless condition but one should definitely consult a doctor if experiencing severe pain. This is because it can be a sign of serious medical problem and can be only diagnosed by doctor.

abdominal pain in women

During the early stages of pregnancy, women commonly suffer from abdominal pain. The lower abdominal pain in women cause similar type of discomfort and pain which menstrual cramps create.It is an indication of uterus preparing itself for the process of carrying baby for coming nine months. But to be on a safer side, you should certainly consult a doctor if you experience any kind of discomfort during your pregnancy.

If lower abdominal pain in women is accompanied by symptoms like bleeding, fever, chills and spotting, it can be a sign of some impending serious condition. In such cases, immediate doctor’s help should be taken.

If you experience severe abdominal pain along with symptoms like spotting, dizziness, back pain and faintness, it can result into ectopic pregnancy in which fertilized egg gets fixed to the outside of the uterus instead of attaching to the fallopian tube. This condition occurs during early weeks of pregnancy but if not diagnosed on time can pose serious threat to the pregnancy.

Lower abdominal pain in women – Problem during pregnancy

Miscarriage also shows symptom of lower abdominal pain in women with various symptoms like back pain, spotting and bleeding etc.So if you ever notice heavy spotting during your pregnancy, rush for doctor’s advice otherwise it can result into miscarriage or loss of pregnancy. In such cases, doctor may prescribe medications to stop bleeding and save your pregnancy.

In some cases, lower abdominal pain in women also arises due to preterm labor. This condition basically affects women who have been complaining of abdominal pain throughout their pregnancy. Due to regular abdominal contradictions, cervix gets affected and pain is felt by pregnant women. In many cases, it leads to vaginal discharge as well. For treating preterm labor, health care provider should be contacted as early as possible so that preterm labor gets stopped in time and lead to successful pregnancy.

Abdominal pain in women can also be a sign of ovarian cyst or fibroids. Women who suffer from fibroids often experience severe abdominal pain during their menstruation periods.

Pelvic inflammatory disease or PID is one of the reasons for lower abdominal pain in women. Women suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease not only experience abdominal pain in body but also complain of symptoms such as mid-cycle bleeding, pain during sexual intercourse and vaginal discharge.

Apart from these, women may suffer from abdominal pain due to factors like kidney stones and urinary tract infections in body.

Uterus expansion, constipation, acidity and gas are some of the other factors that cause lower abdominal pain in women. For clear understanding about which factors cause abdominal pain during pregnancy, one should definitely seek doctor’s advice so that proper pain management can be carried out in women.