Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol Hampering Teenage Health

Addiction to alcohol and drugs is a threat in today’s world for the teenage health.

Teenage is the stage of development where they are addicted to drugs which create a great impact on their health as well as many other factors which include their academic career and relationship between their families.

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The most common side effects which you can find with the drug addicted people is decrease in appetite.

The intake of drugs like marijuana which is very popular can increase your blood pressure. This can also lead to hallucinations and many such diseases.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol can lead to different kinds of problem in your mood like at times you can become aggressive which can impact much other teenage health. You can suffer from depression or anxiety.

One of the most common but the dangerous impact is that you can also suffer from loss of memory.

This is because it will stop the growth of hormones which needs to develop at your teenage period.

If you are taking drugs and alcohol every day it can lead diseases like auditory and at times you might also face a problem with your visual display.

Should you notice signs of the drug abuse in your teenage child, please waste no time in bringing him/her to teen drug and alcohol rehab San Diego before the adverse effects of drug abuse take a toll on his health.

Teenage Taking drugs regularly can also suffer from confusion about what to or what not to do. This affects a lot to teenage health and healthy lifestyles.

Teenager who is addicted to marijuana can also have a heart attack. You can become restless and irritated very shortly.

You may feel happy or drowsy after the intake of marijuana.  This changes your whole personality in disguise which can lead to many awful thinking like suicidal attempt and many such.

This can also lead to many other diseases like problem in your nervous system and others.

The teenage health also depends on the parents to some extent as because they should keep a regular check on their children so that they do not get addicted to such kinds of harmful drugs.

The affect may not instantly happen but will gradually spoil your whole life.

You should always keep an eye on the teenagers to stop them from being addicted to such kinds of killing drugs and alcohol, and be ready to take them to a rehab if they do become addicted.

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