Are HGH Muscle Gains Permanent?

Muscles gained by the use of growth hormone-based supplements are permanent and longer-lasting than steroids or it is otherwise? This is what first-time HGH pills users ask.

They have a point to because the use of supplements is a very serious decision and it is necessary that we take all the pros and cons into account before considering any product.

Here we are going to clear all your doubts and will tell you whether HGH or steroids are more useful in meeting bodybuilding requirements.

Build muscles

Answer in Short

If you are in a real hurry then the answer is with steroids you increase the size of your cells by putting pressure on them with physical activity.

On the other side with growth hormones, you increase muscle cell size as well as promote the growth of new cells with physical activity.

The harder and longer you will undergo physical stress your body will adapt by building stronger and bigger muscles. When you will reduce the physical activity your body muscles will decline to match it.

The Explanation

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Our body is designed to be adaptive to survive. With all the physical strain and stress the body will develop enough muscles to match this stress and prevent any damage.

When you go to the gym you initiate this process and eventually end up being more muscular and bigger.

The thing is you have to understand that nutrition plays a vital role in building muscles. You cannot build proper muscles without proper nutrition and HGH pills.

All you have to do is to make sure your body is getting enough nutrition to build new muscles.

With steroids, all you do is to increase the size of cells which will reduce when you will stop physical activity.

While with the use of growth hormones you increase the size of muscles as well as produce new ones.

Therefore even if you will stop the work out your new muscles will be there but there will be a significant decline in muscle size.

Muscle memory

There is something known as ‘muscle memory’ which helps people to build better muscles again when they restart working out.

Muscles restore their size more quickly when the physical activity is started again. Due to muscle memory, someone starting physical activity again will have an advantage over someone who is beginning to build muscles from zero level.