Aromatherapy and Use of Essential Oils for your Health

Using the essential oil of a plant as a practice of medicine for the maintaining the good health is known as Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy has its various effects such as physical effects, emotional effects and moral effects on people.

Essential Oils are preferred by many because of their characteristics like antiviral, fungicidal, bactericide and clean.

These oils have a unique effect on senses and feelings through when they are smelt. In short we can say that Aromatherapy assists people to live a strong and an energetic life.

Identical Features of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Through Aromatherapy, psychological and physical problems can be solved and healthy life can be built.

The essential oils are used for both physical and mental well being when they are used in the proper ways. There are more than 89 Essential Oils are available.

Few commonly used essential oils are Carrot seed oil, Absolutes, Cinnamon oil, Clove leaf oil, Fennel seed oil, Cumin oil, Dill oil, Hydrosols, Fenugreek oil. Normally the fluid of the essential oils is extracted from the flowers, foliage and sometimes from stems, roots, and the other parts of the plant.

Opposing to the name, most of the essential oils do not exactly look like oils. They appear to be clear like water. Only few oils are in golden color. Essential oils have the attributes of the source from where they were extracted.

Essential Oils are not the same as body spray or the other fragrance oils. The reason is the essential oils are extracted from the real plants or from the parts of a plant, but the fragrance oils are prepared unnaturally using various artificial contents and so they do not bear the benefits like the essential oils.

The one more demerit of the fragrance oils is that they are not used in Aromatherapy.

Usages of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Psychological and physical healing benefits are gained in various ways such as, breathing and massaging the oil allover the skin.

The essential oils are frequently used by thinning them with any oil like grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, and then massaging it on the skin for absorbing.

When breathing the oils inside, the oil particles enter the respiratory organ and then directed to the blood circulatory system.

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