Avoid Coffee Addiction to Lead a Better Life

Addictions are of many types and there are several addictions of products available which people may suffer from. One among them and the highest among all the addictions is the coffee addiction. Yes! The coffee addiction ranks higher in the addiction list worldwide. This is mainly because of the heavy addictive chemical agent present in it which is popularly known as caffeine.

Coffee Addiction

The caffeine is not only present in coffee but also comes in other products like tea, chocolates, soft drinks, medicines, etc. About 80 percent of the world population takes caffeine daily in the ways of drinking, eating or consuming. A coffee addict is not just consuming the coffee for the pleasure but consuming it on regular basis to get through the day freely without any mental troubles.

Those people don’t need any alert from outside for drinking the coffee. The alert will come automatically from inside and without drinking the coffee they won’t feel active and energetic. Yes! You can observe this with the coffee addicts keenly when they were refused from coffee drinking for a short duration of time.

The coffee is the most common and readily available drug in the world for alerting the mind and mood of a person by the very morning. Presently the coffee is the leading as well as least dietary source of caffeine presently available in the world mainly for the adults, whereas for the children the soft drinks are the highest source of caffeine. More than 15 percent of the world population showed one or the other side effects or withdrawal effects of caffeine as soon as they were stopping the coffee consumption.

Some of the main coffee withdrawal symptoms are gradual and diffuse headache, general fatigue or sluggishness, drowsiness, difficulty in concentrating at any works, unwanted irritations, anxiety, depression, symptoms which resembles flu, impairment in the psychomotor and cognitive functions, etc.

Problems associated with coffee addiction

The regular coffee drinking or caffeine consumption will cause multiple psychiatric disorders like coffee intoxication, coffee dependency, coffee induced anxiety, coffee induced sleeplessness, coffee withdrawal syndromes, etc. There are several studies available regarding the coffee and its ill effects. The coffee produces show certain life threatening complications like cancer, heart diseases, human reproductive system disorders, etc.

Individuals suffering from coffee addiction are often advised strictly to avoid drinking coffee in more quantity. Some of them are also even advised to stop drinking coffee completely like in individuals with generalized anxiety, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, insomnia, GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disorder), urinary infections and urinary incontinence, pregnant and lactating mothers, etc.

Mainly the individuals with systemic problem like cardiovascular disorders get more trouble after drinking coffee or after consuming the caffeine like sudden increase in the blood pressure, sudden and constant raise in the serum cholesterol levels, etc.

There are strong evidences available to support the association of coffee and its ill effects on the systemic problems mainly on the cardiovascular system. Thus avoiding the regular consumption of coffee helps in preventing most of the chronic and life threatening conditions and helps to maintain the health perfectly. Hence the coffee addiction has to be taken with serious concern by all the medical and healthcare professionals and industries to help the mankind for leading a better life.

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