Back Exercises for Women – To Stay Active and Stress Free

Since the back supports the weight of the upper part of the body it is important to be strong enough to carry out its work with ease.

Thus, back exercises for women are essential to tone and strengthen the back.  Back exercises develop a strong, sleek and sexy back. Having strong back muscles provide flexible in movements. Exercise tone the body line, improve the strength of the muscle structure and alleviate pain.

Back Exercises for Women

There are a number of excellent exercises to engage in. Following back exercises for women help to tone and strengthen their back.

  • Pull ups or Chin ups: Pull ups or chin ups help to strengthen the upper muscles of your back, rhomboids and biceps. Pull ups give beautiful structure to hands and back.
  • Dead lifts: Deadlift is widely known to strengthen back muscles. Since, it involves the lower back, upper back, buttocks, legs and triceps, it is a great exercise for building stronger muscular of the lower backs.
  • Seated cable rows: Seated cable rows are done at the gym and is a great back exercise for women who desire to tone their arms and back. The seated dumbbell row is considered to be the safest back exercise for women. To perform this exercise, you need a dumbbell and a workout bench.
  • Bent over row: Bent over row is another best back exercise for women that enable them to attain a total back exercise without much strain. Bent over exercises involves lower, middle and upper parts of back and biceps.  It is an easy exercise and can be performed with a free weight barbell.
  • Stretching exercises: According to The Back Clinic experts stretching exercises such as Leg stretch, back curve, bum lift and keeling stretch are some of the best back stretching exercises that make your back much stronger and healthier. These stretching exercises also help to ease back pain during pregnancy.
  • Upper back extension: Upper back extensions are another good exercise for the upper back. The best part of this exercise is that it requires no equipment. Stand close to a wall and stretch up and touch the highest point of the wall.
  • Pullovers with dumbbells not only cures your back problems but also very beneficial for strengthening chest muscles.
  • Tube rowing is another great back exercise for women that can help a lot in managing pain.

Back exercises also works brilliantly as stress relief for women. Back exercises alleviate back pain by gently stretching the muscles in a way to make them more flexible. Strengthening lower back muscles help to protect from similar pain in the future.