Beating the Genetic Muscle Potential

Every one of us has a very fond memory of the times when bodybuilders were hired as actors. Putting the bad one-liners aside, it is impossible to count the number of boys who started hitting the gym wanting to become the next Arnold. And while some of us truly rose to the Arnold’s physique, most of us fell short of such impressive results. The thing is, every body has the limit of how much muscle mass it can pack without supplementation, so maybe we just could not go any further? In order to understand that we will first have to understand the genetic muscle potential.

Running on a treadmill thereby including some aerobic exercising

How to Find Out Your Genetic Muscle Potential

It is obvious that, due to its limiting capacity, genetic muscle potential (GMP) has always sparked the interest in bodybuilding community, so it should not be too much of a surprise that we saw more than one influential voice trying to find the most precise way to determine this all-important factor. The criteria on which these methods were based were very different but all of them provided similar results, so we will stick with the simplest one, according to which:

Upper weight limit in contest shape (5% body fat) = Height – 100

All these researches also showed that bodybuilder’s capacity to pack muscles drops over time, and the GMP comes into play during the fourth year of training.

So, there you have it – If you are tall 175cm, after four years of vigorous training, you should reach your GMP of 75kg of lean muscle mass.

Different Ways to Surpass the GMP

It should be mentioned that bodybuilding is not the most exact science out there, so these numbers are not set in stone. Here are few ways to push your body above the GMP:

  • Proper nutrition. The foundation of every gain lies in good nutrition, so you should make sure that your body receives all the right ingredients necessary for muscle growth. Do not rely solely on protein to get you there, some of the carbs are tremendous sources of energy so be sure to throw them into the mix as well.
  • Use supplementation. When we are talking about the GMP, we are talking about the mass your body can achieve with proper training and proper nutrition. Nutrition, however, will be able to get you only so far, so if you want a slight push over the GMP add fitness supplements to your diet.
  • Change the workout regimen. The regimen that helped you to gain 8-11kg of lean muscle mass at the beginning of the training may not be productive anymore. Now is the time to reduce the weights to 80% of your ability, increase the number of reps to 6-12, and have no more than 4 goes at cardio (no more than 20 minutes) per week.
  • Increase testosterone. Higher testosterone levels can lead to larger gains. Use some of the natural methods to increase the levels of this hormone.

So is it really possible to beat the GMP? Yes and no. Although you are going to be able to beat your muscle potential, do not expect to see gains beyond 0.25-0.5% of your total weight per month, so be sure to set your expectations to realistic and keep on conquering your mass gram by gram.