5 Amazing Benefits of Using Amethyst Biomats

Biomats are mats/pads you can place on top of your mattress or massage table for pain therapy.

It converts electricity into Far Infrared Rays and channels it into your body to reduce stress and fatigue. Bio mats also produce negative ions, which are natural energizers.

Negative ions are usually found in forests, oceans, mountains, and waterfalls.

The surface of the mat has amethyst crystals which produce and conduct healthy Far Infrared Rays.

Health experts now use available amethyst biomats for several treatments.


Benefits of Using Biomats

There is a steady increase in demand for biomats because they have many proven health benefits.

These mats are also safe and completely risk-free.

1- Improved Immunity

Biomat users and health practitioners guarantee that these devices boost immune responses. The infrared light rays help reduce artificial fevers and improve blood circulation.

Far Infrared Rays also eliminate toxins from the body. Excess fluids and unwanted protein buildup are flushed out of the body.

2- Pain Relief

Painkillers and medicines come with side effects. Biomats are a natural method of pain relief using negative ions and infrared light.

The combined heat energy from ions and light helps soothe the joints and aid them to loosen up. It is also known to improve joint lubrication, thus reducing joint stiffness.

3- Muscle Relaxation

Biomats have inherent healing properties. People with chronic muscle aches and pains can use available amethyst biomats to relax muscles.

Amethysts produce high vibrations and ions that can penetrate up to 6 inches deep into the body’s layers.

Biomats may either be placed on your mattress or massage table. The combined working of ions and light leads to deep muscle relaxation. Muscle aches and spasms are relieved faster.

Few Other Benefits

Mats have healing and relaxation properties. Regular use of biomats can hence lead to improved sleep and reduced stress.

The infrared light helps dilate blood vessels, thereby improving blood circulation. The mats are beneficial for people who have Lyme disease and Fibromyalgia.

How Biomats Work?

Biomats therapy works with a combination of negative ions and infrared light.

Infrared Light

Infrared rays are the safest form of light and are even used to treat babies in the NICU.

Heat is generated by converting electricity into light waves that are then regulated throughout the body. Patients report immense relief from pain and stress.

Some benefactors of biomat therapy even reported that the effect is much better than that of massage therapy.

Negative Ions

Amethyst crystals produce negative ions and high vibrations that can reach tissues and molecules of the body.

The ions that are odorless and colorless help increase the secretion of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is effective against depression and anxiety.

Further, the crystals are said to regulate the flow of positive energy through the body.

Biomat Therapy

Biomats are available in various sizes and shapes and usually come with a washable cover, storage bag, and manual.

Health practitioners like physiotherapists, masseuses, chiropractors, and acupuncture specialists use biomats for standard therapy.

Mats can also be used at home and are travel-friendly. While skeptics may question the impact of biomat therapy, most health benefits of amethyst biomats are scientifically proven.