Best Ways to Straighten Teeth Safely

It is impractical to cover your teeth and in most people, nice teeth help boost confidence and avoid you from falling prey to embarrassing situations. Straightening your teeth is pretty easy; there are a few natural and artificial techniques by which you can straighten out your crooked tooth.

Crooked tooth

Crooked tooth is a major cause of concern in many and has proven to lose mental strength and degrade their level of confidence.

There are a lot of treatment methods and solutions that are now available in market to shape your crooked or chipped teeth.

While it is possible to realign the shape of your teeth, the tough part is when you find it difficult to maintain your straightened teeth.

Accelerated orthodontics is the form of treatment aimed at straightening out your crooked teeth and giving it a perfect shape.

Few simple and best ways to straighten teeth safely are as mentioned below:

Braces on your teeth: This method is like getting back to your old school. Perhaps wearing a dental or orthodontic brace is one of the oldest, longest and most popular methods of straightening crooked teeth. This is also a preferred method among many as they are safer and provides a long term solution to straightening teeth.

Usually, it is required for users to wear a dental brace depending on the intensity of crookedness. Also, these braces would be tightened based on the crookedness to ensure your teeth gets straight. Careful attention and care from your end shall ensure that your teeth stay straight for years to come.

Use of porcelain veneers on your teeth: This type of treatment towards straightening your teeth is also termed as capping teeth. In this method you get to whiten your teeth and also make changes with current imperfections you have on your teeth. This method is usually preferred by orthodontic doctors when your teeth cannot be straightened through dental braces. In this method, a layer of your teeth is removed or shaved.

Once the shaving is complete, a layer of porcelain veneer is used to create an additional layer so that a uniformed layer is created. With porcelain veneers you can have your sweet smile again. Yet another reason why people use veneer method of teeth straightening therapy is to ensure they appear straight, long and attractive.

Contouring and reshaping: This is a cosmetic method of getting your teeth straightened. An advantage of contouring is that you can get this treatment done and perfect your teeth with a single visit to your dental specialist. A drill or laser is used to remove a single coat of enamel and then sculpt both sides of your teeth.

In most cases, dentists make use of abrasive strips while contour and reshaping process. Once the strip is pasted, the next step will be to polish your teeth. If you have chipped or crooked teeth, then contouring is the best method by which you can straighten out your teeth.

Invisalign – patterned and innovative method: This is an expensive method of teeth alignment. This method of teeth straightening is used by dentists and orthodontists as a better alternative to metal braces. This method of teeth alignment works better on people who have minor chipped or crooked teeth. In such cases, wearing braces is not required and you might opt for Invisalign. According to a recent report there are close to 40,000 dental specialists across US who are specialised in Invisalign method of teeth straightening.

In this method of teeth alignment, aligners are used to create a pattern and then identify ideal position to place your teeth properly inside. In this case, number of aligners is used to move in various directions so as to create a perfect shape for your teeth. This method is simple, innovative and provides you with better teeth straightening solution in a single go.

With the above mentioned treatments it is clear that there are many other methods to straighten teeth besides braces. You can choose your treatment plan based on your timings, requirement frame and also the cost implications.

The cost of treatment varies in each plan and choosing your right technique gives you an advantage of choosing better treatment method without creating a hole in your pocket. With the above mentioned treatment plans you can regain your beautiful and confident smile.