Birth Control Side Effects and Overcoming Them

Commonly birth control pills are taken in order to control or restrict the size of family. These are used by women who are really concerned about their family size and want to control it easily.

Although not all of these women who take these pills experiences side effects but some of them may have birth control side effects such as nausea, headaches, bleeding between periods, decreased libido, breast tenderness, etc.

Birth Control Side Effects and Causes

Most of the birth control pills that contain estrogen facilitate increase the risk of blood clots. It has been seen that women who are above thirty five years of age are at higher risk of getting heart attack when they take birth control pills. Same is the case with the women who smoke or suffer from high blood pressure.

It is therefore recommended that women that have problems such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, migraines, etc. should not take these pills. And if they need to take, they should take after consulting their doctor.

How to Overcome Birth Control Side Effects

In order to overcome various birth control side effects women need to consult their doctor who can advice them to change their pills or brands. Change in brand may lead to changing dose and hormone levels which helps in overcoming the side effects.

Women who take the birth control pills also are at high risk of getting breast cancer than those who do not take these pills. Doctor advice that women who already have breast cancer should not take these pills as these contraceptives birth control pills may facilitate growth of tumor tissue.

Also women who are breast-feeding their child should not take these birth control pills as the hormones present can reduce the milk production.

According to some researchers and studies taking birth control pills may have adverse affect on the mood and sexuality of some women. Some may discontinue having sex and some may have it very rare.

Taking a glance into all the above birth control side effects, it is clear that although birth control pills for women are effective in avoiding unwanted pregnancy, it is important that you consult your doctor before starting with the course. This will surely help in avoiding the problem of birth control side effects.