5 Tips to Boost Your Workouts While on a Carnivore Diet

Most people assume that a “real” war exists between carnivore and keto diets, eliciting the carnivore diet vs keto debate.

But the truth is that, although these two diets slightly differ and agree on a few fundamentals, they work like glove and hand. That means you can use them to achieve various health and weight management goals.

A carnivore diet is eliminative and straightforward. It divides food into plants and animals, clearly eliminating plants from one’s food.

Thus, it’s right to say that a carnivore diet is the opposite of a vegan diet. But one may get alarmed because eliminating plants means losing access to carbs.

Carnivore Diet

Fortunately, there’s no cause for alarm because carbohydrates are nonessential macronutrients. Thus, your body doesn’t need them to survive the way it needs protein, vitamins, or fats.

The above facts mean that you can safely use a carnivore diet to achieve your fitness goals. Here are some tips to assist you in making the most out of your carnivore diet workout.

1- Sleep Well

Starting with sleep might seem ironic because workouts require work. However, sleep is a strong catalyst for your activities.

Enough and quality sleep helps you maintain a perfect hormonal profile and recover from exercises. This way, you can build muscles faster. Rest balances things because it rebuilds muscles after a tiring workout session.

2- Increase Your Protein Intake

You need to boost your protein intake when exercising on a carnivore diet. You can do this by increasing your protein sources like eggs, bacon, eggs, and beef. Why is this increased intake necessary?

Because sufficient protein gives you enough amino acids essential for muscle block building. They are also beneficial for repairing damaged muscles after exercises.

3- Increase Over Baseline

You have already chosen to go the carnivore way. Now, you should increase your food intake if you want to succeed in your training regimen.

Analyze your animal food consumption to understand which type of food intake needs to be increased.

The reason is that different animal foods are rich in different nutrients. For instance, some have more iron or protein than others and vice versa.

4- Progressive Increase

Increasing your food intake should be progressive because your body needs time to adapt to the new food consumption.

If you increase everything at once, you will most likely constipate because you will overwork and overload your system.

Remember, you can’t exercise well on a constipated stomach. Otherwise, you might shoot yourself in the leg, especially if you are exercising to lose weight.

5- Supplements

Supplements are the last resort in your carnivore-based workout program. Incorrect consumption of supplements can undo your exercise’s goal.

Only take supplements if you are exercising to build muscles. Remember, it’s too costly to carry excess muscles around. Therefore, take supplements in this isolated case.

The carnivore diet vs keto debate doesn’t apply when you want to boost your carnivore-based workout. You only need to pick the best from your carnivore diet to bolster your training.

The actionable tips shared in this guide help you enhance your workouts while on a carnivore diet.