How to Treat Borderline Personality Disorder?

A borderline personality disorder is a kind of mental health disorder that can significantly impact the way you live.

It can change the way you think and feel about others as well as yourself. This can cause problems for you in everyday life.

You can feel difficult to manage your emotions which can also cause unstable or unhealthy relationships.

Borderline personality disorder

Antidepressant medications are generally prescribed for treating depression and anxiety conditions caused due to BPD or Borderline personality disorder symptoms.

However, as these may have side effects natural treatment options such as therapies and exercises are mostly recommended.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy: One of the Best Treatment for BPD

One of the best cure for treating long term BPD problems is DBT or Dialectical behavior therapy. This therapy is today successfully used in treating conditions such as fatigue, body pain, fibromyalgia, etc.

In general, DBT is a program that can go year long. It basically involves strategies like group sessions and individual meetings with a therapist.

Also, it may include phone coaching with your therapist by which various DBT Skills are explained and taught.

Through these DBT skills strategies such as mindfulness and communication with other people are taught.

Overall you are explained about how you could be using your five senses better to overcome the stress and depression. The more you learn with DBT Skills the better you feel.

What are the Other Treatments for Borderline Personality Disorder?

Although DBT therapy is becoming widely popular for BDP management, its efficacy for the patients remains uncertain, especially for chronic conditions.

As the results may vary from person to person there are other treatment therapies and methods available for BPD. These are:

  • psychiatric management
  • Schema-focused therapy
  • Mentalization-based therapy

Based on your condition and various psychological factors that are influencing your body condition, if your doctor suggests getting one of these therapies for help, you should surely try them out as it can help you in curing the problem in a most natural way.