Breakdown of the 3-day diet meals

Would you like to lose 10 pounds in 3 days without exercising? It’s very simple, yet effective. The matter in question is the 3-day military diet, or the navy and army diet as it is often called. It should be mentioned, however, that not all weight-loss diets appeal to everyone, because all human beings are different, with distinctive personalities and metabolisms.

Diet plan

In spite of that, if you follow the rules, you shouldn’t expect anything less than a sure success. The military meal plan involves three meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a quite restrictive food regimen during the first three days, and normal, healthy options throughout the following four days in order to ensure an effective weight-loss.

Before you begin

Before you commit yourself to this method for losing weight, it’s advisable to squeeze out a lemon and mix it with cold water. You’d be doing your body a favor, since this is one of the most effective ways for cleansing and ridding your body of toxins, while simultaneously jump-starting your metabolism. You can start thinking about breakfast, only after you drink the lemon water and half an hour passes.


Always eat breakfast like a king. The main thing you should focus on during this meal is fruit. A common belief is that you should eat fruit throughout the whole day, but that’s not true. Fruit is a crucial part of any healthy diet plan, however the best time to have it is first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach.

When we do this, our digestive system distributes the sugars through our body, which allows us to reap the nutritional benefits. Hence, it’s recommended that you eat half a grapefruit with two tablespoons of peanut butter and a slice of toast for breakfast. Afterward, you may eat half a banana as a snack, so as long as you consume about 400-450 calories on this meal.


Eat lunch like a prince. The recommended foods for lunch are a half a cup of tuna, a slice of toast. During this meal, it’s important to avoid sugar coffee or tea, as well as wheat bread and low-fat yogurt. Instead of wheat bread, look for whole grain bread, because whole grains are an excellent source of fiber. This will keep you fuller for a longer period of time.  If you want to treat yourself, you may have one cup of vanilla ice cream. It’s recommended that you take about 400 calories for lunch.


Eat dinner like a pauper. This is the last meal on the list of your military meals. Your dinner menu should consist of 3 ounces of meat of your own choosing, paired with a cup of green beans and a small apple in the end. The 3-day meal plan suggests a total number of calorie intake of about 300-350 calories.

How long you will follow this diet, is entirely up to you. The truth is, you need to count calories when dieting, but you don’t have to starve yourself during the weight-loss process, which is a big plus for me. This was a quick breakdown of the first day of this diet and if you manage to stick to this 3-day diet plan, I assure you, the results will be satisfying.