Breast Cancer – Causes Symptoms and Treatment

When malignant cancer cells develop in the breast tissues, it takes the form of breast cancer. In breast cancer, the DNA of cancer cells get damaged which results in uncontrollable division of cells.

Division cells causes lump in breast which attacks the tissues in breast and also spreads in lymph channels or in blood stream. It is a very common ailment affecting women. Invasive ductal carcinoma is the most common form of breast cancer which occurs in ducts.

Causes of breast cancer:

It is sad to reveal that exact cause of breast cancer is still not known. There are certain risk factors that lead to occurrence of this life-threatening ailment. It has been seen that breast cancer affects women who are in their post menopausal stage.

Women having a family history of breast cancer are at a higher risk. Late pregnancy is another risk factor for occurrence of breast cancer. Early starting of periods, excessive body weight, excessive drinking of alcohol and prolonged exposure to hormone replacement therapy are some of the reasons that aggravate the chances of development of breast cancer in women.

Symptoms of breast cancer:

When cancer is in mild stage, woman may experience less or no symptom at all. One of the main symptoms of breast cancer is change in texture and look of breast. Formation of lumps and thickening of breast tissues are other symptoms of breast cancer. Unusual appearance of breast, discharge of fluid from breast, tethering of breast’s skin, pain or sensation in breast are also signs of breast cancer ailment.

Treatment for breast cancer:

You would be disheartened to know that there are no quick and easy treatments for breast cancer. Prolonged course of treatment is needed for effective removal of this disease. Doctors combine different treatments for getting desired results. Chemotherapy, surgery, hormonal therapy and radiotherapy are some effective treatments for breast cancer.

After examining the condition of patient, doctors choose the best and most effective treatment for curing breast cancer. Certain doctors use surgery to remove tumor while others go for chemotherapy to make treatment more effective.

Some doctors use chemotherapy before performing surgery to reduce the size of tumor. Some doctors perform chemotherapy after surgery to prevent the reoccurrence of tumor and also to destroy any minute tumor that might have got left during surgery.