Breast Pain and Tenderness during Menstruation – Common Causes

Do you know that number of women suffers from the problem of breast tenderness during menstruation periods?

This problem significantly disturbs the regular routine life of women therefore it is very indeed important to properly understand the problem of breast tenderness to effectively deal with it.

Brest tenderness includes pain, soreness, swelling and any kind of discomfort in breast. You all would be surprised to know that certain degree of breast pain during menstruation is normal as it is slightly unnoticeable and it stabilizes once periods get over in few days.

Brest pain during menstruation occurs due to various factors. The most common is unbalanced level of estrogen in body. During periods, both estrogen and progestestrone hormones varies in different ways. Normally, when estrogen levels are less and progestestrone levels are high, breasts become bigger in size.

But when hormonal changes occur, breasts become slightly bigger and cause pain and discomfort. Since this is one of the most common causes of breast pain during menstruation, it becomes very important to maintain healthy hormone levels.

For maintaining proper healthy levels of estrogen and progestestrone hormone in body, include healthy and nutritious food items in your diet. Include food items that promote estrogen levels in body like potatoes, cherries, rice, alfalfa, soy, wheat, apples and yams.

Complement healthy diet with easy exercising program that can be followed by you on daily basis no matter how busy you are in your hectic schedule. Stress reduction therapies, meditation, pranayams, deep breathing exercises and yoga postures too help in dealing effectively with this problem.

Even alternative medicines like herbal supplements too play an important role in treating breast tenderness. There are two types of herbal supplements: phytoestrogenic and non-estrogenic herbs.

Phytoestrogenic herbs such as black cohosh are loaded with estrogenic components which effectively treats hormonal imbalance in body. Whereas, non-estrogenic herbs like Macafem do not contain any estrogen. They stimulate hormone production in women by nourishing endocrine and pituitary glands and making them more efficient in producing hormones naturally.

This way, not only estrogen, but progesterone and testosterone hormone balances in proper way. Macafem naturally restores hormones in woman’s body. It naturally nourishes and helps in normal and natural production of hormones in body by inducing proper functioning of endocrine and pituitary glands in body. Non-estrogenic herbs are not only cost effective but also free from any kind of side effects too.