Can Boys Get Yeast Infection?

Yeast infections can affect young or old, male or female. It develops in a warm and wet environment sand causes immense, pain, discomfort and inconvenience to the sufferer.

Can boys get yeast infection too?

Boys Get Yeast Infection

The answer to this question is yes! For baby boys, yeast infections occur in folds of his legs, groin and genitals. In the initial stages, the diaper rash occurs characterized by red and irritated skin. Once this ailment progresses into yeast infection, enlarged bright red patches develops consisting of papules and pus-filled blisters.Small red patches near rash area enlarge and blends in with others.

In case of yeast infection in boys, the scrotum and penis may become intensely red, scaly. Even the skin turns dry when boys get affected with this painful condition.

Yeast Infection in Boys Causes of yeast infection in boys:

You would be sad to read that if your son is prescribed with antibiotics, there is a higher risk of development of yeast infection in his body. This is because antibiotics combat the natural flora in body which controls candida. It results in growth of infection.

If your son had bout of thrush in mouth, it can be a sign of male yeast infection getting spread to genital area. This occurs when candida while passing through digestive tract, accumulatesin the place of excretion. Even when your child sits in wet and soiled diaper for long period of time, candida multiplies rapidly and develops yeast infection.

Treatments of yeast infection in boys:

For treating yeast infection in boys, keep baby as clean as possible. Treat diaper rash as early as possible so that it doesn’t get worsen up. Go for over-the-counter topical anti-yeast or antifungal creams that help in curing yeast infections. But if topical cream doesn’t helps in giving relief in case of diaper rash within3days of application, rush to doctor for immediate help.

Call for medical professional if your son becomes feverish, experiences open sores, yellow liquid discharge from area because they can be symptoms of bacterial infection which would require antibiotic to get treated. Also if your son’s penis turns swollen, red, it can be sings of balanitis which is a very painful condition that can’t be treated with the use of over-the counter medication.

So don’t think much and take extra care and give love to your child if he gets affected by yeast infection to get it treated as early as possible.