Can Herbal Remedies Actually Help You Kick The Smoking Habit?

Tobacco is a $200 billion industry. And it’s no wonder. For decades, tobacco companies have been peddling highly addictive products to the masses. And while people know the health risks that come along with smoking, kicking the habit is simply more difficult than driving to the store for a pack of cigarettes.

Quit smoking

Any smoker who has tried to quit will be quick to tell you how hard nicotine withdrawal is on the body. In today’s market, there are a number of products that are designed to help ease the pain of kicking the habit, but most of them are costly and contain nicotine.

So instead of being addicted to smoking, former smokers become addicted to nicotine patches or special chewing gum. Very few explore herbal remedies as a solution to their nicotine addiction. But did you know that there’s an herbal remedy out there that can actually help you manage the withdrawal symptoms and maintain comfort during the quitting process?

Thai kratom is an ancient herbal remedy that has been used for thousands of years to help those suffering from mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. The herb, which is often sold as a tincture or a tea, helps people feel more balanced and relaxed. People who use it regularly also report an increased sense of wellbeing.

But the benefits of kratom extract don’t stop there. The herb is also used to help ease withdrawal symptoms for those who are recovering from addiction. Many former opiate users opt to use kratom to help them through the withdrawal process as opposed to harmful chemicals because the herb is 100% natural and safe when used properly. It’s often referred to as a miracle cure for those who are trying to recover from addiction.

If it’s so helpful, why not use it to help ease the pain of quitting smoking? It seems like an obvious solution, right? The problem is that many people who are trying to quit are constantly bombarded with advertisements for patches and gum, both of which contain nicotine – the exact substance they are trying to withdraw from. While ramping down nicotine dosage can be helpful for the quitting process, too many people end up addicted to the substance that’s supposed to help them quit!

That’s why kratom is such an effective solution for those trying to kick the smoking habit. It can help nicotine addicts go cold turkey with none of the painful withdrawal symptoms. Imagine being able to simply stop smoking without experiencing the feelings of sickness, the headaches, and the cravings. Kratom tincture or tea can help. Daily use will leave you feeling comfortable, balanced, and ready to leave nicotine and harmful chemicals behind for good!

If you’ve been trying to quit smoking for years with little to no success, why not explore an herbal remedy to help you along with the process? Herbal remedies are a safer alternative to traditional chemical solutions such as nicotine patches or gum, and there are no concerns about becoming addicted to tinctures or teas. Chances are you will be surprised at how good kratom makes you feel and how easy it is to finally kick the habit! Try it out for yourself today!

About the Author: Jennifer Klaus is a freelance writer and avid yogi. She covers trends related to health and alternative healing. She enjoys learning about herbal remedies in her spare time.