Can Sciatica Cause Neck Pain?

Among various painful conditions most common ones (for which people require immediate medical help) is neck and shoulder pain, back pain and sciatica.

There are usually some underlying problems which have to be diagnosed before giving any treatment for reliving these types of pain.

Here we talk in detail about the possible relation between neck, back and sciatica pain. And what are the best techniques that can help.

Relation Between Neck, Back and Sciatica


The major thing which unites the painful conditions: neck pain, back pain and sciatica is the primary cause of all these three problems i.e. the nerve compression.

Neck pain and back pain may be caused due to many reasons. But in most cases the reason is the underlying nerve compression in the spinal region or any pressure that exhibits in the cervical and lumbar spinal nerves.

Similarly in case of sciatica the major cause is the pressure or nerve compression that is happening with the sciatic nerve.

The other major relationship between the three types of pain is the result of pain radiation to the nearby parts and areas.

In few cases where the patient is suffering from neck or lower back pain (which occurred due to pressure on the underlying spinal nerves), depending upon the side and the degree of nerve compression, the pain may radiate to either one or both hands and legs.

Similarly in case of sciatica, due to pressure on the sciatic nerve, the pain may radiate to one or both legs depending on the side that is affected.

In few of these cases patient suffers from the pain of sciatica and neck pain on the same side (either left or right). Depending on the degree of pressure on the sciatic nerve the pain radiate either to half of the leg or complete leg.

Thus radiation of pain can be seen in all the three issues which makes the strong relationship between the three.

Can Sciatica Cause Neck And Shoulder Pain?

Majority of adults experiences neck pain and sciatica (simultaneously) at some point of their lives – be it severe or light.

Sciatica that impacts the neck and shoulder area is often due to position, lifestyle factors or damage. However the discomfort and pain may differ from person to person.

Patients suffering from sciatica condition typically encounters the pain in spinal region that gets worse while sitting. The symptoms may include prickling, numb feeling; weak point or even a burning feel in the butt, feet and one or both feet.

Sciatica and neck pain are often the result of decompression or a herniated disk. These types of injuries, which are often triggered by accident or injuries, can stress the sciatic sensor nerve, or may simply limit movement abilities.

Getting The Treatment for Sciatica and Neck Pain

One or more of the treatments are usually recommended in combination with rest and specific exercises. Heat and/or ice therapy are usually recommended that can help relieve the pain, especially in the initial phase.

Medicines are often recommended in severe cases which are effective in reducing the sciatic pain. Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can slow up the swelling that is usually a part of the problem.

An epidural steroid hypodermic injection can also help to decrease the swelling in extreme cases. These work faster in comparison to medicines, as a shot goes directly into the agonizing area around the sciatic sensors nerve to address the swelling that may be causing discomfort.