Can You Be Pregnant and Still Have a Period?

Can you be pregnant and still have a period, looks like a simple question but it is not so. Although, the answer to this question is no, one may ask that if period is not possible then what is the blood that is flowing out. You should have sufficient knowledge on this topic and should know when to visit your doctor.

Period like bleeding is normal during pregnancy. There are various discharges that may be experienced during this tough time. Noticing this period like bleeding, one may get a thought that can you be pregnant and still have a period.

Brownish, pinkish or yellowish discharge indicates a normal condition but if you find a bright red colored flow then you should immediately visit your doctor. This is really a critical condition and you may need an immediate medical attention.

Menstruation During Pregnancy – Is It Possible?

Yes it is possible that you can experience menstruation during pregnancy. It is a very natural phenomenon and natural as well. Most often many women ask their gynecologists a very strange question, that is can you be pregnant and still have a period? The answer to this question is also the same. Yes, it can be possible.

The reason behind menstruation during pregnancy is the process called implantation bleeding. Once the fertilization gets completed the body experiences light bleeding in the very same way as during normal menstruation periods.

It happens due to the confirmation of the eggs with the sperm the excess placenta gets flushed out keeping the zygote safe in the uterus.

The statement can you be pregnant and still have a period is acceptable, but if the periods seem like the normal menstruation periods, then doctors should be consulted for this, as it poses danger to the pregnancy for sure.