Celiac Disease and Pregnancy

Even though Celiac disease and pregnancy are correlated, if you have well controlled your celiac disease symptoms by adhering strict gluten free diet, you will have bright chances of having healthy pregnancy and baby.

The important factors one should focus while addressing celiac disease and pregnancy are, when the celiac disease diagnosis took place, i.e. before or after pregnancy and the patient adhere to a strict gluten free diet.

If you are signs of celiac disease during pregnancy, make sure to maintain a gluten free diet that is the most important thing that you can do for you and your baby.

Celiac Disease and Pregnancy

Eat healthy, gluten free diet

Pregnancy is a process that demands good supply of essential nutrients in order to support the development of the baby. Since, Celiac disease is a mal absorption disorder Celiac disease and pregnancy miscarriages occur.

In addition to gluten, other causes of malabsorption are heredity, medical procedures like surgery, virus infection. Environment also plays a critical role.

Since, you have to feed your baby too, ensure to eat healthy diet. Fruits, vegetables, fresh fruit juices are good choice. These are gluten free but are rich in vitamins and minerals too.

Eat foods that are rich in calcium such as milk, cheese, low fat yogurts. Go for skimmed and semi skimmed milk and low fat dairy products.

Iron is vital element and ensures to eat food rich in iron. Red meat, eggs, fish are good sources of iron. Soya, beans, lentil, watermelon, green leafy vegetables are also rich in iron.

How to get gluten free product

Start reading labels. Read the ingredients to ensure it is gluten free product. Gluten can be hiding is some food forms such as soups, salad dressings. Make sure to know such unlikely gluten foods and eliminate them from your diet.

Double check the labels to ensure it is gluten free. If you are not sure of any ingredient whether it is gluten free or not, it is wise to stay away from that product.

When buying medicines or helpful books on celiac disease, talk to your pharmacist about what exactly you need. Consult your physician to get diet supplements. The essential nutrient during pregnancy is folic acid. Bread, pastas breakfast cereals are the best sources of folic acid. Since these food forms contain gluten it is vital to supplement your diet with folic acid.

Overall, the heartening factor regarding celiac disease and pregnancy is that strict observance to a gluten free diet helps to conquer many risks associated with celiac disease.