Chicken Pox and Zoster Virus Infection

Chicken pox or Shingles are the main culprit behind the person developing Chicken Pox. It is believed to be an extremely painful condition which attacks the dorsal root nerve ganglia and it is mostly observed in the masses of above fifty. This infection is highly contagious and the person’s body has a high tendency to catch and spread the infection to other people.

Some people develops the rash during the course of high fever whereas others develops the Shingles rash later when the immune system is weakened by the illness. Later on this zoster virus infection are easily spread in other areas by contact with the fluids presents in the blisters.

Chicken PoxShingles or chicken pox results from the reactivation of Varicella virus which has lain dormant and can occur in later years after an initial infection of Chicken pox. It is not certain why the virus reoccurred but, trauma, stress, immune suppressant diseases is what it mostly triggers.


The symptoms are bit different to that of Chicken Pox i.e. developing blisters that majorly affects the skin condition. Shingles which we know as the other name typically affects only one area or one side of the body. The symptoms that are seen are high fever, dizziness, tiredness, dehydration and nausea. Moreover the human body starts developing rash in the skin turning into red tiny blisters which are very painful and itchy. This condition usually stays for 5-6 weeks during the course of the disease out-break.

Treating Chicken pox

It is recommendable to contact the medical practitioner in such cases as the intensity of the infection is not known. The doctor mostly prescribes common drugs and antiviral ointments to reduce the pain as well infection. The drugs like Aspirin, Lacto calamine, Codeine are prescribed.

In severe cases, antibodies are added to the treatment regime also hygienic is the most important thing to look for which helps prevents the infection from spreading. Clothes, undergarments, tooth-brush, towels, even vessels are supposed to kept aside and washed thoroughly with a disinfectant.

With attention to dietary regiments and healthy lifestyle, it would not be difficult to fight which such viruses.