How Good are Climbing Machines for Your Body?

I don’t have consistent access to an climber machine, but when I do, I really love them.

I hope people who use them consistently don’t get stuck in a boring rut on them because there really is a lot you can do with them to take it up a notch and mix it up.
I love how easy the climber machine is on the body, and how you can engage your upper body as well.

Who Can Benefit with Climber Machine?

If you’re a fitness beginner/intermediate who is trying to better your health and your body, the climber machine is a great machine to use.

Not only it is easy on your joints, but also it helps to burns calories, and engages many areas of your body.

If you’re a veteran body builder or fitness enthusiast you can benefit, too.

This type of machine is a great way to suck the extra fat off your body while taking it easy on your joints and bones that already take a lot of stress from your exercise routine.

How can Climber Machine Benefit Your Body?

This machine really focus on using your chest and back to push and pull those levers back and forth.

It feel like you’re making the machine move with only your upper body and you can really get the blood pumping.

Sometimes it makes it easier to focus on one motion at a time.  I like to lean forward and focus on the push for 15 reps and then lean back and focus on the pull.

Different positions may seem minor with best climber machine, but moving your hands and legs up & down helps you target slightly different areas.

Grab up high and you pull with your shoulders.

Grab way down low and you’re using those back muscles.  It may seem minor, but when you move those hands and really squeeze and focus on the different areas I bet you’ll notice the difference.

Now instead of just focusing on one specific group of leg muscles you’re firing different areas than normal, which is awesome for making your stronger.

When using the machine be careful, don’t go falling off the machine, but give this a try.  One thing the climber machine doesn’t do nearly as well as running does is to get your core going.

This is the only time I will tell you to take your hands off the handles, but don’t place them anywhere else. Don’t hold anything.  While you run, twist your torso back and forth.

You’ll notice that you start to feel your abs and are working all those little balance muscles in your feet and calves.