Benefits of Compound Exercises for Muscle Training

You are doing exercise for a long, but the size of your arms and legs is not increasing.

If you are concentrating on isolation exercises, then you are wasting your time in the gym.

As a beginner in bodybuilding, you are supposed to know that you cannot achieve big arms by doing triceps pushdowns or concentration curls only.

Similarly, you cannot achieve great legs from leg curls and leg extensions.

This is high time for you and you must opt for compound exercises to increase your size.

Why Compound Exercises?

Personal trainers recommend compound exercises most of the time for beginners due to the simple reason that they don’t work on a single muscle as isolation exercises do.

Compound exercises work on different muscle groups at one time.

By doing compound exercises you can do well in a lesser amount of time.

In addition to this compound exercises work on different muscle groups and improve insulin sensitivity. Glycogen decreases and you can keep the insulin level under control.

Compound exercises are also responsible for the secretion of hormones, which are beneficial for muscle building and fat burning.

Testosterone and growth hormone are enhanced after finishing a set of intense squats.

Squats will activate every muscle group from our head to toe.

Indulging in a high-intensity workout is the key to muscle building and fat loss.

You cannot get big arms by doing curls rather you can achieve them by doing the rowing and pressing movements. If you do a 300 bench press, then it will benefit you more than doing triceps kickbacks.

The same rule applies to your legs as well.

You may be doing the leg extensions for long and looking to build great quads, nothing will help you unless you do intense squats.

Best Compound Exercises to Try

There is a long list of compound exercises, but you can use around half a dozen to see significant changes. Here is a list of compound exercises to incorporate into your bodybuilding regime.

  • Bench press
  • Deadlifts
  • Pull-ups
  • Squats
  • Overhead press
  • Inclined press
  • Barbell rows

When Should You Perform Isolation Exercises?

If you have to concentrate more on compound exercises that don’t mean that isolation exercises are worthless.

Isolation exercises are also important when you have gained muscle mass, do for the isolation of those muscles. This is a well-proven fact that you can build muscle in a lesser amount of time if you will stick to the compound exercises.

Isolation exercises will show their worth when you try to isolate a lagging body part, or when you are working around an injury. Suppose you have an injury, doing bent-over rows will further deteriorate your condition.

In this situation, you need exercise, which could work out your muscle and at the same time don’t play a hindrance in your recovery efforts.

You can do barbell curls to train your arms.

Overall, Compound exercises will provide you all the assistance and intensity which is required to build your muscles successfully.

Isolation exercises add variety to your workouts.

Consider Hiring A Good Fitness Trainer For Effective Fast Results

From hardworking executives to homemakers, bosses, and young people, the number of health-conscious people has doubled, thus making fitness a flourishing business with a large number of health centers opening up every day in some of the other vicinity.

The demand for fitness trainers has also increased many folds nowadays due to the wide range of benefits they offer.

It is therefore important that if you want to get safe and fast results from your workouts you should definitely consider hiring a good fitness trainer who can customize the workout plans for you that suits your body most.

Personal trainers carry good knowledge of human anatomy and the basic effects of lifestyle, stress, diet, and nutrition on the body.

They are innovative enough to make changes in workouts to avoid developing monotony and to fulfill the requirements of the particular body.

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