Cord Blood Banking: Best Way To Protect Your Baby From Life Threatening Disease

What is Cord Blood Bank? Cord blood banking is today one of the best advancement in the medical field which everyone is looking for. If you have not yet known about it check here for the benefits it offers and why you should consider it.

Cord blood Banking

The process of cord blood banking involves the process of collecting cord blood, extracting and then freezing its stem cells to build immunity and potential health benefits for kids.

Cord blood bank generally refers to the space wherein such cord bloods are stored.

There is yet another term to this referred as stem cell bank.

Such kind of banking space is designed to collect stem cells and does not function as actual blood banks.

Earlier, such kind of stem cells or its storage was considered as medical waste and not many people took to preserving them. But with advancements in medical science, there were also progress and education provided to pregnant women on importance of preserving stem cells for its health benefits.

Parents these days take extra care to preserve or bank stem cells as they can help their kid treat even life threatening diseases.

Uses of Cord Blood

Cord blood or umbilical cord blood remains in the umbilical cord post-delivery. Umbilical cord helps in retaining essential immunity and other important factors that can keep mother and baby healthy post-delivery.

As such there are various benefits with which umbilical cord cells can be beneficial to you. Few medical benefits of stem cells are as listed below:

  • helps build better immune system
  • helps body in regenerating tissue and systems, referred as regenerative medicine
  • approved by FDA for treating more than 80 disease
  • best medicine to treat cancer, anaemia, metabolic disorders, and tumours among others

Benefits of cord blood banking

The first and foremost benefit of cord blood banking comes to your entire family. Stem cells cannot be transferred to anyone else due to its hereditary components.

Hence, your stem cells are safe in bank and you can use it for your benefit as and when you need them. Other than for self, stem cells can be used to treat any kind of disorder related to your siblings too. So, with the stem cells of you, you can treat your family also.

How much does cord blood banking cost you?

Now this is the tough part. Considering all the benefits of stem cells it is advised to parents to not go by the cost associated with blood banking. Preserving your kid stem cells might cost you somewhere between $2000. While considering this investment as a lifetime option to save your kid and family, most parents take the leap of investing this amount.

Before going ahead with investment, you also need to consider the bank where you are donating or preserving stem cells. Do not get carried away by advertisements, it is always better to preserve your kid stem cells in the same hospital you delivered your baby. This way you have access and also consider transferring it to your place of stay whenever you need it.

Make sure to take right decision by preserving stem cells or cord blood. This single step on your parenthood can help your kid from any kind of life threatening disease.