Core Exercises for Women To Help Them Keep Fit and Active

In order to stay in good shape and keep fit, every woman needs to perform core exercises. Owing to the demands of career and family, it is imperative for women to have sore strength. Core strength is vital to do physical activities with ease and facility. Weak core results in lower back pain. Therefore, it is very important for every woman to focus on core exercises.

If you want a flat abs, walking and dieting alone are not enough. Incorporating core exercises in workout routine a few times per week provide you an array of benefits.

Having healthy core will result in strong lower back that prevent you from having back pain. With a strong core, you can able to twist, move quickly. Sit-ups and crunches are the most popular core exercises for women.

  • Crunches:

The abdominal crunches are most basic of all core exercises for women. However, it should be performed with utmost care to avoid straining. It can be performed by lying on the floor with hand behind the head with legs straight out. To make the knees off the floor, legs can be raised. Raising the head slowly from the floor, one has to stay in that pose for about three to four second.

  • Plank:

Plank is a different way of core exercise. Performing plank will strengthen your abdomen and back muscles.

  • Exercise ball crunches.

It is simply crunches on the exercise ball. In this exercise, you are not using the exercise ball instead of chair. It is used to support the back when performing crunches. The great benefit of doing fitness ball crunches correctly is that it can take the pressure off your back and force the abs into doing all the work.

  • Floor bicycle movement

Bicycle crunch is one of the simple yet effective core exercises for women. It encompasses and tones both the lower and upper abdominal muscles.

  • Superman:

This helps to strengthen lower back of the body.

  • Bridge

It works the various core muscles.

  • Hanging knee raise

It works best for lower abdominal muscles. While performing this exercise, one should do with full control and should strain the abs throughout the exercise in order to get good results.

If you want to get rid of shabby tummy and firm abs, exercises alone can make it. Keeping a regular workout routine along with balanced diet helps you to burn those difficult layers of fat in your waistline. Consistency and regularity will give amazing results.