Croton Oil and Its Numerous Benefits

Oils play a major role in our day to day life especially for the culinary purposes. But apart from that, there are many various uses of oils in different aspects. Some of them are like in the perfume industry and the medicinal industry.

The oils that we use in our homes for cooking purposes aren’t generally highly intense but the oils which are used for aromatherapy, perfumes and medicinal purposes are highly intense and they are mostly used after they have been blended with some other carrier oil or another essential oil. Today, in the mainframe industries, these oils are basically used as an ingredient in soaps, cosmetics, facial products, dermatological treatments, hair care treatments, and various other products.

Croton Oil

Amongst all of these oils which are available in the market today, there is one such oil which has gained immense popularity i.e. Croton oil. Reason being, it has been found that this oil has got vital importance in the treatment of cancer. Researchers have found that this oil has got the potential to actively aid in the treatment of cancer.

It was in the 2005 when Professor Allan H. Conney discovered that some compounds which were extracted from Croton oil cured pancreatic cancer in mice. And after this success, they further continued with their researches but this time they did it by using pure Croton oil and they treated prostate cancer with it and positive results were obtained this time too.  It is believed that in the years to come, researchers will be successful in devising the use of this oil for cancer treatment for human beings too.

If you are going to use Croton oil for any purpose then it is recommended that should use it under the guidance of a certified practitioner who has got the required experience in dealing with this oil. Handling this oil on your own can be really dangerous. Croton oil is extracted from the seeds of Croton Tiglium plant and in the extraction process they are churned out to yield pure oil. The native of this plant is known to lie in India. Nowadays, the most prominent uses of this oil are in treating skin lesions, in treating severe diarrhea, as a powerful purgative for the treatment of bowels and as a counter irritant for the treatment of irritation.

Croton oil is very toxic by nature and there are only a few uses of this oil but they are highly important. Today, various facial treatment products can be found in the market and these products have croton oil as an ingredient in them. This oil can be miraculously effective but it should be used with caution. If you want to optimize its benefits then use it in blend with the other oils like rosemary, patchouli, lavender, and tea tree oils.

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