Deep Teeth Cleaning: The Process and Importance

The importance of deep teeth cleaning is not recognized by many, but it is extremely necessary. You may think it is important only when you have missed some dental visits or eaten messy meals on the go. Well, it is a procedure performed by your dentist to treat periodontal and gum diseases.

It is done when a person has not visited the dentist for professional cleanings twice a year. It is also important to select a reputed dentist like the dentists available at Iowa Dental Group who can perform deep teeth cleaning in a professional manner.

Teeth Cleaning

The Need for Deep Cleaning

When you visit a dentist, the dentist will make use of an instrument known as probe which is useful for measuring the area around the teeth to check if there is any pocketing.

Pocketing is the area between gums and teeth where the formation of bacteria occurs. The depth of the gum tissue is called pockets which prevail between the gum and teeth. It is usually 5mm or more.

It is recommended by the American Academy of Periodontology that every adult should get the periodontal analysis done every year to understand whether there is need for any additional treatment or not. Measuring the pocket depth is just one part of periodontal analysis.

Healthy pockets should not be more than 3mm deep and if it is greater or deeper than this then your dentist will prescribe root planning or deep scaling appointment also known as deep cleaning.

The process of deep teeth cleaning

Deep cleaning is a therapeutic process where probes as well as other tools by the dentist are used to clean below the gum line. Usually, to numb the area a local anesthesia is used for cleaning.  Top notch dental clinics like Iowa Dental Group make use of new products to numb the gum area and not the teeth.

When calculus, stains and plaque on the crown or root surface of the teeth cause gum inflammation it results in periodontal disease. If left untreated then it may lead to severe damage. The soft tissues and bones in the gums can be damaged. If it is not treated for a long time, the result may be tooth loss. Deep cleaning gives a healthy environment to the gums so they can attach to the normal surface of tooth.

Importance of deep teeth cleaning

Deep cleanings are vital to discourage those diseases which are a result of bacteria proliferation. Deep teeth cleaning helps to remove calculus, tartar and plaque so the formation of infections is prevented easily. It also removes bacteria that can cause gum diseases and teeth deterioration which may result in teeth loss eventually.

Deep teeth cleaning also helps you to enjoy better oral health and it is a part of oral health package which includes, flossing, brushing, avoiding sugary snacks and smoking, drinking enough water, etc.

If you wish to have better oral health and have missed any appointments with the dentist in the past, then book an appointment with your dentist today. If you feel the need for deep teeth cleaning then discuss it with your dentist and enjoy good oral health.