How Dental Implant Helps to Get A Bright Smile

Women are one of the most beautiful beings on earth. What makes them even more beautiful is their smile.

Many find the smile to be an important factor of attraction. So here, we will discuss one of the ways to get that best smile.

Every life starts with a set of perfect teeth. However, to maintain the beauty of the teeth entirely lies in one’s hands.

dental implant
Dental implant

However, tooth lose is something that can happen due to varied reasons like accident, old age, lack of dental hygiene or any other dental health problems.

Cosmetic dental surgery has come to the aid of woman’s health.

Cosmetic dental surgery made a vast impact on the field of dentistry. One of the methods by which you can regain your bright smile is by dental implants.

This technique is so brilliant that it makes your tooth look so natural and no one is going to find out you have fake teeth!

It not only adds beauty to your perfect smile but also helps in highlighting the facial contours and also allows us to eat anything we like, without the fear of breakage or discoloration.

How does this dental implant work?

The frames or the metal posts are placed into the jawbone beneath the gums. Bone is then let to grow around the frame and finally, the proxy tooth is screwed on the top.

As they are fixed on to the bone, this enables stability and provides long-term support. This will just act like your original tooth and never give the impression of artificiality. Thus you do not have to go toothless the entire life.

You can visit your dental doctor for regular checkups to check for any decay or dental health problems. He is the best person to know about your teeth. You can consult him to check whether the dental implant is suitable for you or not.

The long-lasting strategy of the dental implant much depends on your dental hygiene and the position of the implants.

However, you can be assured that the dental implant can make your smile more charming and you will feel at the top of the world.

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Dental implant procedure recovery time

The healing process takes about six months during which bone growth takes place around the implant.

The post healing period sees abutment insertion for anchoring the replacement tooth which further escalates the dental implants cost by 600-800 dollars. The abutment’s cost is dependent on the model i.e. standard or tailored with the latter costing more.

The ultimate step is crown placement above the implant and the bone to resemble a natural tooth. The crown’s cost will vary in the range of 1200-1350 dollars depending on whether it is for front tooth or a molar.