Dental Implants the Best Option for the Replacement of Lost Tooth

With so many advancements in dental care, even now people suffer from tooth loss mainly due to tooth decay, infections, etc. There are other reasons for tooth loss like accidents and injuries, but still, loss due to tooth decay is due to the improper c; are and hygiene.

But even for this, science has offered a solution in terms of dental implants. Previously this was partially made by dental bridges but with bridges, there were some difficulties.

Dental implants are the most successful and satisfactory method for a person with tooth loss.

Dental implant
Dental implant

What it is?

A Dental implant is a perfect replacement for the roots of the teeth. The dental implants provide a good and strong foundation for holding the replacement tooth.

Advantages of the Implants

There are so many advantages of dental implants over other techniques like bridging. Some of them are:-

  • The implants do not decay and it does not need any supportive bridges in the adjacent healthy tooth.
  • Implants are much durable and with sufficient care, it lasts for life long. Many replacements are not needed with the dental implants.
  • It is almost similar to the original tooth so there is no difficulty in speaking after placing the dental implants.
  • The person feels more confidence because the dental implants look and feels like the original teeth and they improve the facial appearance.
  • Even though you may feel a slight difference while chewing food, there is no difficulty in chewing or eating any type of food.
  • As the Osseo integration occurs it just sets into the oral cavity.

How it is placed?

A dental implant is a minor surgical procedure. Local anesthesia is given to the patient before the procedure. An incision is made at the required spot.

With the selected equipment a hole is drilled into the place where the implant is to be placed. For this, the dentist would have taken radiographs to know about the structure and size of the jawbones.

Then the implant (made of different grades of titanium) is placed into the hole tightly and stitches are made to close the hole. It almost takes about one hour for the entire procedure. After a week or 10 days, the stitches can be removed.

Is the method always successful?

As there is a drawback in everything, sometimes the Osseo integration fails to occur in some patients. In such cases, the implant can be removed and immediately replaced with a wider one.

There is no side effect in these cases. If the patient is so anxious then the implants can just be removed and till the healing occurs the next implant can be postponed.


Any surgical procedures will have some complications if proper care is not taken. Similarly, dental implants also have their own set of complications. They are:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Rejection
  • Injury to the nerves
  • Inflammation
  • Improper healing
  • Implant failure is also one of the complications if it is not checked by the dentist properly.

Still, this stays the best option for the recovery of the lost tooth in modern dental care. Dentists such as Skokie dentist recommend this to their patients.

If the patient is suffering from any other medical conditions or under any medications it is better to inform the dentist before going to the procedure.