Child Developmental Disabilities: Can It Be Treated?

Lifelong disabilities that arise due to mental, physical or both handicaps are termed as developmental disabilities.

These are also called as “Learning disability” in United Kingdom and “Intellectual disability” in Australia, Canada, and Europe.

These developmental disabilities affect daily functioning like learning, mobility self-care etc. Mental retardation, cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorders, down syndrome are some of such disabilities.

Child Developmental Disabilities & Possible Treatments

Child developmental disabilities are functional birth defects that affect the functioning of brain, spinal cord and nervous system.

Thus, developmental disabilities can impact intelligence and learning.

In addition, there are many social, environmental and physical causes of developmental disabilities.

Even though, such disabilities have no cure, these symptoms can be treated in many ways.

Down syndrome

Speech therapy benefits children suffering from Down syndrome.

Occupational therapy and exercise are also helpful to develop motor skills. Special education and attention at school can often benefit these children.

Fragile x syndrome

This is one form of developmental disabilities. It is one that makes the children very sensitive to noises.

Treatments can help to reduce or eliminate some of the learning, physical, social, emotional, speech problems. If they get sooner help, the better their outcomes.

Autism spectrum disorder

Autism or Autism spectrum disorders have a variety of treatment options such as occupational, physical, speech-language therapy. One can get the help of educational specialists for school performances.

Individuals with developmental disabilities can be helped to live independently without side support thorough these interventions.

These intellectual disabilities could be severe, profound, moderate, or mild.  Depending on the extent of the disability, one needs support. Children with developmental disabilities exhibit different level of understanding and emotional reactions.

They have different learning styles and patterns. Therefore, it is vital to consider the ability and capacity of the child for understanding information while handling these children.

There is no rule to follow when working with children faced with development disabilities. First, one should focus on strengthening physical condition like increasing physical balance, developing physical strength and proper coordination.

Special movement games have proved to be more effective to practice self regulations. Yoga is also used to teach balance and helps to improve strengthen the muscles.

It helps to enhance their symmetric movements. Music therapy also significantly benefits children with developmental disabilities.