Different Kinds of Grand Mothers Home Remedies for Dry Cough

All of us suffer from irritating and nagging dry cough at some point or the other in life.  The worst aspect about this dry cough is that, no matter what one may do to avoid it, the nagging and irritating dry cough always remains.

There are various kinds of over the counter medications, that one can actually use in order to curb the dry cough. But these are basically strong medication that can only make matters worse. The fact is that these medications are so strong that they end up drying the body and making the cough even worse than others.

Dry cough

In such cases the best and safest bet is to opt for the various kinds of Grand Mothers home remedies for dry cough. Here are a few secrets from the Grand Mothers closet that would serve as home remedies for dry cough.

The biggest throat comfort is warm soup. The trick is not to have anything boiling hot or steaming. The idea is to ensure that you have something that is lukewarm and that will give comfort to your throat. Most people make the mistake of having something that’s piping hot. In such cases, one ends up making things worse and damaging the throat even more. As a result, it may end up making the dry cough worse than it would be.

The next important home remedies for dry cough is to have lukewarm heated honey twice a day. In most of the cases, the dry cough is basically caused by an irritation in the throat. Honey is blessed with certain antiseptic qualities that are known to soothe the throat and take care of the cause irritation and also curb the dry cough bouts to a great extent.

Another tried and tested home remedies for dry cough is to keep ginger flakes in your mouth. The idea is to cut the ginger into small pieces. Every time you feel the bout of dry cough hitting you and causing you discomfort simply put in a ginger flake in your mouth and chew it well. The Ginger juice is known to have certain medicinal qualities that actually aids in taking care of the dry cough bouts to a great extent.

There are many more secrets up Grand Mothers sleeves that would actually help in curbing the dry cough. Try out these home remedies for dry cough and benefit from it.