Different Types of Wheelchairs for Easing The Life of Handicapped

Spending life as a Handicapped person is really very difficult because every single part of human body helps us in our life and living without any single human body part deficiency is really very miserable and usually people faces too much trouble in doing routine tasks. The feeling of uselessness automatically develops in Handicapped peoples they are not able to even move all by themselves. Need of Too much assistance in our life makes life miserable. This is really serious condition of a human which is connected to the physical and mental stress.

Jazzy WheelchairToday, it is possible to make Handicapped people smile and to make them feel working just like other ones. Technology has given us many different kinds of wheelchairs which can make Handicapped people walk and they would not need any assistance of anyone in that!

Different Types of Wheelchairs are available in the market today and every Handicapped person can feel things and work, just like every normal with the help of them. So, let’s see Different Types of Wheelchairs that can make Handicapped people’s life worth enjoying!

  • Basic durable wheelchair that is now usually seen in hospitals.
  • Narrow wheelchair which offers 16 inches seat for handicapped sitting.
  • Slandered wheelchair offers variety of seat widths and offers footrests and many other functions to provide comfortable feeling.
  • Light weight wheelchair is basically designed for traveling and they provides many additional functions and they are light weighted so that it can be carried easily.
  • Extra Wide Wheelchair provides 300 lbs weight capacity and searing width varies from 20 to 24 inches.
  • Antimicrobial Wheelchair is antimicrobial gift to the handicapped peoples and it works this technology prevents causing odors and vinyl is used in seats for comfortable sitting.
  • Bariatric Wheelchair offers high weight capacity and this Wheelchair offers various seat widths.
  • Heavy Duty Transporting Wheelchair is basically designed to provide comfort in toughest journey.
  • Standered Transporting Wheelchair is best and most comfortable for 300 pounds or less weighted peoples.
  • Recliners Wheelchair offers heavy and comfortable duty and the weight capacity of this chair is 700 pound. It offers many advanced technology that will make it more comfortable Wheelchair.
  • Pediatric Wheelchair is not for heavy weight because they support maximum 250 pounds weight. This chair has been designed for children and it is one of the most comfortable handless Wheelchairs.
  • MRI Wheelchair is advanced technology based advanced Wheelchair which offers too many features to ease handicapped peoples living. This Wheelchair functions includes wheel locks and folding options etc.

If you are looking for some more options that are available for wheelchairs, you may check out the best electric wheelchairs and jazzy wheelchair here and get the benefits it offers.