DNA Testing Reveals Historical and Family Secrets

Whether we are discussing who posed for the Mona Lisa, or that Richard III is the skeleton found underneath a parking lot in Leicester, England, DNA testing for ancestry reveals secrets about our history. The Genomics Age just started, and we do not know all that genetics testing will reveal.

However, DNA ancestry testing, the natural outgrowth from genealogy, now has the capability of changing how we view not just our family stories but the story of history in general. And DNA does not lie.

DNA testing
DNA testing

DNA testing can fill in missing gaps in history like the model for the Mona Lisa, or it can fill in our own missing gaps in our own family history. It is the key to revealing mysteries and unlocking doors of our ancestry locked long ago.

What might one find there? Do you have Jewish ancestry or Native American ancestry revealed from either a Native American DNA test or an autosomal DNA test?

DNA testing companies that offer autosomal DNA testing often include Native American populations in their databases. Why would you find out anything new? Most know a lot about one or two ancestral lines of genealogy but not much more.

How can DNA testing fill in these gaps? We have many different methods of DNA testing that can now be used. DNA testing for Richard III used mitochondrial DNA testing of the mother’s line. Research uses what is best depending on what is being analyzed.

According to biochemistry blog as far as DNA ancestry testing is concerned, we have gone from first- generation DNA testing that could only test one line of ancestry at a time to second- generation autosomal DNA testing which can look at about 1000 lines and then paint you a complete picture of your ancestry. This goes beyond the genealogy you know and can even reveal hidden lines of ancestry like adoption.

Autosomal DNA testing compares your unique genetic code with whole populations and specific geographical locations. From This, a cumulative and personal story from your DNA can be written. All this from a cheek swab DNA test! A few little cells can now tell you the story of you. Who knows what new secrets will be revealed tomorrow by DNA?