Eating Chocolates Could Make You Happier and Healthier

Remember when Harry Potter was given a bar of chocolate to eat when the horrible Death Eater sucked the joy out of him. Well, there is actually a scientific theory at this scene from the popular character of J. K. Rowling.

Chocolates are not just for Valentine treats, or special gifts for your beloved, or children’s favorite toothaches but these mouth-watering delicacies have a lot of health benefits and could actually be used as a healing potion for people who are seriously suffering from depression and stress.

Here are some of the benefits of chocolate:

1. Yup, chocolates could really make every one happy!

This is a medical fact because chocolates contain theobromine, a type of alkaloid similar to the properties of caffeine, which is primarily responsible in the brain’s activity to send messages to our body wherein one would feel happy.

2. Another health benefit of chocolates is the good that it can do for our heart. According to recent studies, it is a vasodilator, which means it would prevent the possibility of blood clotting because it stretches the walls of the arteries and veins.

3. You see, chocolates are actually good for our cardiovascular system and are very good for those people who are known to have problems with the heart. (And that was supposed to be double in meaning…)

4. Chocolates have also high properties of anti-oxidants, which are found to be very good for the prevention of certain cancers. It is also linked to serotonin, which releases tryptophan and is primarily known to be an antidepressant of the body.

5. It is a natural painkiller which sends signals to the brain to release pleasure chemicals throughout the body. For this reason, chocolates are scientifically known to elevate the mood of a person. If you’re feeling down and depressed, eat a box of chocolates and lift up your mood!

6. Also known for its property, chocolates are known to be an aphrodisiac, which increases the libido of those who are chocolate lovers. So if you want to make your partner as steamy for you then have both of you indulge in these heaven sent goods.

Of course, chocolates are known as a favorite all over the world. Although chocolates are known to be very beneficial for us, too much of everything is not always good.

Although chocolates have a lot of health benefits, one should always watch their consumption of this world favorite, It doesn’t mean that you have to over-indulge your self of chocolates. Remember that they are high in fat and sugar content too.