Effective Cystic Fibrosis Therapy

Cystic fibrosis can be controlled. There are no specific treatments to cure this condition. But science cannot see people suffer at least to a particular extent. The treatments available, aim at preventing the infections to a considerable limit, clearing off the sticky mucus from the lungs, prevent the blockage of the intestinal tract with the thick mucus etc.

Cystic Fibrosis

There is a special therapy for the cystic fibrosis which is called cystic fibrosis therapy. This therapy mainly aims at decongesting the lungs out of mucus. It involves a series of steps which mechanically helps in this decongestion process. The method of the cystic fibrosis therapy is as follows:-

  1. Allow the patient to sit or lie down on his abdomen comfortably keeping his head down. The patient must be free enough to breath ease.
  2. The position of the head should be downward facing which would help to relieve the congestion with the help of gravity.
  3. Electronic equipments like chest clapper, electronic inflator, a small handheld device, respiratory mask would help with this therapy.
  4. With any of this equipment there would be a good percussion movement in the back of the person which would create a vibratory movement in the lungs and loosen up the thick sticky mucus.
  5. After this the patient should be properly taught with a breathing technique. With that technique the patient would be able to cough and bring out the mucus easily.
  6. The breathing technique goes like this => first the patient would be taught with a series of short breaths which is followed with a forceful breathings. Then a good relaxation technique.

The therapy does not end here. The patient should do active physical exercises. He may do aerobic exercises, jogging or a set of Cardio workouts for this.

With this method the patient will also be given with some medicines which he must take regularly. Sometimes a good pulmonary rehabilitation program would help the patient in a better way. If the patient cannot afford for cystic fibrosis therapy then he can opt out for the mechanical manual massage which would involve the percussion movement. This can be accomplished by the Swedish massages.