Effective Home Remedies For Ankle Pain

Our lifestyle matters the most and affects the heath directly or indirectly. The day to day tasks and the hectic troublesome schedule makes some of us really tiring. This also sometimes causes pain in the body such as back pain, headaches, foot pain, ankle pain, and many others.

ankle pain
ankle pain

Pain in our body is a clear cut idea that something is going wrong inside our body. But it sometimes becomes difficult to identify the real causes that are creating these problems or pain.

Getting the best treatment is of utmost importance in the case where a person is suffering from ankle pain. There are several types of ankle pain treatment depending upon the severity of the pain and the condition that led to it.

There are home remedies as well as the scope of medical intervention with drugs, which can be used as and when required, according to the advice of the medical practitioner.

Home remedies to relieve ankle pain includes-

  1. Resting the ankle for a few days by not walking or putting pressure on it.
  2. Putting a crape bandage or other kind of mechanical support to keep the ankle in the right position.
  3. If necessary, walk with the support of smart crutches so as to take the maximum weight off the legs.
  4. Keeping the leg above the level of the heart during sleeping or sitting, so as to prevent swelling of the area.
  5. Putting ice on the area for 10-15minutes every hour the first day, and 3-4 hours for two more days.

In the case of more severe pain, ankle pain treatment involves –

  • Steroid medications that are directly injected into the joints
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs that are used to reduce swelling
  • Pain relievers, etc

In some cases, foot supports like pads or arch supporters are used in the shoe so that the foot is kept in proper posture and has a cushion of support for itself.

These devices also called orthodontics are designed in such a way that they improve the bio-mechanics of ankle and foot, they also improve the lower limb alignment so as to provide stability to the ankle. Besides this physiotherapy is another good way of ankle pain treatment.

You can also find podiatrists online for getting the best treatment for all your foot problems. They can be especially useful in reliving chronic ankle pain or that due to fracture. Exercises that the patient can do on their own also help in ankle pain treatment as well as to stop the frequency of attacks if the pain is chronic.