Efficient Yoga practices to attain mind-body balance

Generally, when people hear the word yoga, they instantly relate it with postures and asanas, which undoubtedly affords you with deep benefits for the flexibility, strength, and balance of your body. However yoga not only enhances your physical fitness, it also helps us practice emotional well-being and help us connect with our essential self.

Yoga, a 5000-year-old wisdom tradition helps us grow from constriction to expansion, from separation to union, and from fear to love. At its fundamental, yoga epitomizes union – the union of soul, mind, and body; the union of the spirit and the ego; the union of the routine and the divine.

This international yoga day let us reap the maximum benefits out of Yoga and pave way for a healthier and wiser life.


In this article, we have culled out few suggestions for nurturing mindful, yogic consciousness in your life:

  1. Practice Yoga daily

Make sure that you practice yoga regularly. Always remember that it is more beneficial to practice each day for a span of ten to twenty minutes than do longer sessions only once or twice a week. If it is your first time practicing yoga, discover variety of styles and instructors to narrow down on the one that feels right for you and your unique needs. If you decide to practice at home, start with creating a sacred place for yourself: Find a time when you will be not interrupted at all, turn off your phone, and start with your practice.

  1. Meditate

Meditation and yoga are two practices that are harmonious solving the same purpose. The purpose being the union of spirit, mind, and body. Meditation helps you look beyond the countless thoughts in your mind and focus more into the stillness and silence of pure consciousness. One of the major aspects of yoga that you need to keep in mind is that we are not trying to escape from our thoughts, rather we are becoming aware of them, letting go of them, and returning to the silent space that lies beyond.

  1. Be non-judgmental

When you begin your day, start by telling yourself, today I shall not judge anything that occurs around me. Throughout the day, keep reminding yourself of this statement when you accidentally start judging. Judgment is the result of ego’s need to control and is mostly based out of fear. In real sense, your true self is completely free of such judgments as it recognizes that all are the same spirit in different disguises.

  1. Encourage witnessing awareness

Throughout the day, exercise shifting into a witnessing mode of awareness. Gather your attention and witness within your soul, and take time out to communicate with the intelligence in all living beings. Listen closely to the crashing of the ocean waves, admire a beautiful sunrise, or simply observe the smile of a loved one. Revel in the peace of your inner silence, and you will understand how to respect nature and life in all its expressions.

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