Best Exercises You Can Perform During Early Pregnancy

Pregnant ladies are recommended to undergo a modified yoga routine from the third trimester of their pregnancy, or we can say from the sixth month of their pregnancy. Various other safe exercises are recommended to pregnant ladies.

Exercise During Early Pregnancy

Exercise during early pregnancy helps mothers in handling early birth situations well and also eases the birth discomfort.

Even after delivery, women can attain fit body and desired body shape by performing best prenatal yoga in advance.

It enhances the core strength of the body, which helps in keeping the body slimmer and in shape even after a drastic body change like pregnancy.

The postnatal phase of the pregnant lady is also very complicated. Exercise during early pregnancy can help in quicker and efficient recovery from associated problems and aches faced during pre and post pregnancy period.

Best exercises to do during pregnancy

Do you want to work out during pregnancy?

It is safe to involve yourself into a gentle prenatal fitness program to stretch and strengthen your body and also to enjoy healthier pregnancy.

Women who perform exercises during her pregnancy time enjoy easier delivery and labor plus recover faster in comparison to other women.

Check out the list of safe exercises during pregnancy written below in the article!

Exercise during pregnancy

Bicep curls:

This is one of the best exercises during pregnancy. For doing this, grab a pair of 3-4 pound dumbbells.

Hold 1 weight in each hand, keeping knees soft, slowly curling weights in towards your shoulders. Return to starting position and then begin again. Aim for 2 sets of 12-15.

Lateral shoulder raise:

In this exercise during pregnancy, sit comfortable on chair with 3-5 pound weight in each hand keeping palms facing in. keep feet flat on ground, spine in neutral position with your abdominals.

Now inhale slowly. While exhaling lift your arms to shoulder height pausing at the top. Inhale bringing back weights to stating position. Do 12 reps.


For doing this exercise during pregnancy, sit comfortably on exercise ball and perform some belly breathing. Let your belly rise when you inhale and let it fall when you exhale. These breaths will help in tightening muscles surrounding your vagina.

Relax face, neck and shoulder so that pelvic floor muscles get tight. Hold for 5 seconds and then release. Perform it at least 20 times per day.


Stand on feet with hip width apart. Cross arms and slowly squat down pressing heels into the floor. Come down as much as you can, while keeping shoulders, back and abs engaged. Return to starting position. Try 2 sets of 15.

Standing crunch:

This is a gently abdominal exercise during pregnancy. Stand tall, keeping hands behind your head, feet about hip width apart.

Slightly bend your knees and inhale. While inhaling, open elbows out to the sides and lift your chest. While exhaling, gently curl in towards your belly button, tackling your tailbone in. Inhale again and return to starting position. Perform 12-15 reps.

Side-lying leg lifts:

For doing this exercise, lie down on left side with the support of your left elbow. Now lift your right leg as high as you can. Slowly lower it down to 2 inches above your left leg. Perform 20 reps with both sides.