Exercise Tips for Women’s Health and Fitness

Woman’s health and fitness care is taking a back seat in most of the cases where woman cannot take their care as effectively as it is needed.

It has been seen that women are more widely affected from different types of diseases and health related problems which develops major problem (high blood pressures, heart problems, etc.) for them in future, if not controlled initially.

Woman’s health is most important for the total well being of the society. So it is recommended that woman needs to take care of their exercises and should adopt the pattern of regular exercising for to achieve better health and fit body.

Core Exercises for Women

Having healthy core will result in strong lower back that prevent you from having back pain.

With a strong core, you can able to twist, move quickly.

Sit-ups and crunches are the most popular core exercises for women.

  • Crunches:

The abdominal crunches are most basic of all core exercises for women.

However, it should be performed with utmost care to avoid straining. It can be performed by lying on the floor with hand behind the head with legs straight out.

To make the knees off the floor, legs can be raised. Raising the head slowly from the floor, one has to stay in that pose for about three to four second.

  • Plank:

Plank is a different way of core exercise. Performing plank will strengthen your abdomen and back muscles.

  • Exercise ball crunches.

It is simply crunches on the exercise ball. In this exercise, you are not using the exercise ball instead of chair. It is used to support the back when performing crunches. The great benefit of doing fitness ball crunches correctly is that it can take the pressure off your back and force the abs into doing all the work.

  • Floor bicycle movement

Bicycle crunch is one of the simple yet effective core exercises for women. It encompasses and tones both the lower and upper abdominal muscles.

  • Hanging knee raise

It works best for lower abdominal muscles. While performing this exercise, one should do with full control and should strain the abs throughout the exercise in order to get good results.

Exercise Tips for Woman

If you don’t have your balanced diet along with exercises, it will be useless for you to waste your time on exercises. It has been proved that performing regular work outs and having good control on your diet can prevent obesity and other diseases that can affect you.

Regular exercise helps you in keeping your body fit, healthy and strong and ensures proper health. It has been proved that exercises such as aerobics, yoga, swimming, walking, jogging, etc. works best for woman and helps enhance their lifestyle by providing them healthy body. This all also helps woman in boosting up their confidence.

You should collect tons of information on exercising and importance of physical activity for you and your family. The best information can help you to keep your body healthy and you can effectively use your energy in proper directions.

Take a Break

Woman who have never tried out exercising previously should start slow and should not stress themselves in any way. Involving in some type of physical activity and changing in sedentary lifestyle can do wonders for a woman and has more health benefits which should not be overlooked at.

Regular exercises are important but you should remember that you take a break from exercise at your weekend. As your body needs a break at weekend after whole week of work, exercising also needs one day break. In short you must work out six days a week, keeping one day break to relax your body and muscles.

Before Starting

Before starting with anything, it is important to consult your physician and fitness trainer who can help you know the best types of exercises that can work for your particular body type.

Hope these woman’s health tips will work for you. So start right now! Get motivated and start early so that you can live rest of your life healthy.