Fitness and a Dog

There’s one thing that connects all dog people – they’re all active. Active as they are, though, this doesn’t go too far beyond a traditional daily walk. If you’re looking to get cracking physical activity-wise and are a dog owner, blend your obligatory daily dog walk with a bit of exercise – a valid  form of multitasking – something greatly appreciated in the busy modern world that we inhabit today. There are many interesting exercises to take on, though, and if you thought that jogging is the only one, well, you are definitely wrong!

jogging with dog


Nothing simpler than this – when it comes to blending dog walks and exercising into one, this is definitely the way to go! Your dog will definitely prefer this activity to a mere walk in the park and so will your body. However, picking longer routes for the runs is key – don’t think for a second that you should simply run through your normal route and head back home. Always go for more! Your dog will love it, you’ll get into shape in no-time and you do not have to perform this for any longer than your regular dog walk.

Play Fetch

This simple game never seems to become boring. Playing fetch, however, doesn’t mean that you should lazily walk around, while your dog does all the running. Oh no, you can rest assured that you can squeeze out a valid exercise, if you get just a couple of cool dog accessories. Try wrestling with your pet over a stick and go running! A dog will always give you hard time when you’re trying to take the stick away from them – it’s an integral part of this bonding experience!

Do a Follow

Okay, walking your dog is a pretty regular thing. How about you stir things up a bit? What if you let your dog walk you, instead? Let your favorite pet choose your path for you. Naturally, you’ll have to direct it a bit, but for most time, you’ll be following its lead. A great and interesting way to shake things up a bit – turn your normal dog walk into something interesting!


If there’s a dressage or an agility course nearby, there is no reason not to use it! It might seem to you that this isn’t really an exercise for you, but you can rest assured that, in addition to your dog, you’ll be working out as well! Don’t think for a second that dog trainers don’t exercise. Training a dog do tricks can be quite a sweaty experience! Train your dog well enough and you might even get a desire to sign it up for a dog show and get rewarded for all the hard work you and your pet have done.

These activities will help you achieve better physical condition, for both you yourself, as well as for your beloved furry friend. Feel free to combine these and even come up with those of your own. Think about inventing the rules of your games and expect a solid exercise for both of you!