For Weight Loss: Actually Working or Goofing Around?

Wondering why you are not trimming your body into shape even after following strict diets and routine workouts? Possibly if you are doing everything right then what is preventing you from reaching your ideal body weight? We list here some of the common mistakes that people unknowingly tend to commit in order to lose weight.

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1. Saying “BYE” to breakfast

Your body has been fasting during eight hours of sleep and you don’t offer your body the fuel to start off the day. The chances are that you are going to consume more calories during the day.

2. Fuel ridden body workouts

Working out your body without fuel in order to burn more fats and calories will result in muscle breakdown for energy and fatigued body. Even a vehicle without fuel can’t be driven.

3. Drinking fruit juice

Covering up your body’s fluid needs with fruit juice is going to add a large amount of sugar to your body in the form of fructose. Herbal products can help reduce your calorie intake.

4. Not eating for too long after the workout

Owing to the calories burnt during the workout it is necessary to provide some energy to the body for smooth and proper functioning.

5. Zero fat and too much protein

Thinking of ways to weight loss one usually tends to stay away from all the carbs and fats. Fat has high calorie content and people have a perception that eating fat makes you fat. Herbal Diet Remedies can balance your nutrient intake.

6. If you exercise, you are in for a buffet

Popping in for a party after workout will easily make up for all the calories lost during the session. An extra piece of cake is lots of calories.

7. Crash Dieting

If crash dieting would have been effective then most of the people around us would have been fit and fine. It slows down the metabolism and enhances fat accumulation.

8. Taking the weekends off

Weekends mean fun, party, pizzas, diet cokes, hamburgers, beers, etc. If so, these will spoil your diet regime badly.

9. Sleeping OFF

Lack of sleep produces Cortisol – a stress hormone. Its high levels not only prevent you from losing fat but can actually cause you to gain weight.

10. Following the latest diet buzz

Volentes somethin magica? Well, there is no magic or shortcut. Follow your regime and wait for magic to happen.

Sticking to organic and natural diet; and the daily workouts can help you all the way towards your goal. Cut down on processed food, go organic and supplement yourself with herbal products readily available in the market.

If you are indecisive on how to balance the nutrient intake, there are many herbal diet remedies you can look for which are fully safe and effective.