Free Fitness App For iPhone : 7 Minutes Workout Program

Fitness is hard, OK ? Do I enjoy getting up every morning before the Sun rises, dragging my ass to the gym, and lifting heavy stuff? Actually, I do, but getting there is sometimes really difficult.

This is why some folks need a motivator or a tangible way of tracking their fitness progress. If you’re trying to lose weight, work on your fitness, or eat better, your iPhone can be a helpful tool — but only if you have the right app.

We’re talking about an app called 7 Minutes Workout Program designed for both iPhone and iPad. With wonderful interface and easy-to-use functionalities, this fitness app is the ultimate tool for losing weight and getting the body you want.

7 Minutes Workout Program features more than 20 different exercises, and each exercise lasts 7 minutes maximum. You can also customise your own workout settings, exercise without even looking at the phone (the app has a voice prompting for each step), track your progress, view your workout history, and much more.

You can get everything for free, no additional charges and fees, no need for Internet access. Download today from App Store and start your daily fitness exercises right from the comfort of your home with this useful app !

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User Reviews (5 stars):
“This App is great for when I want to workout plus it has good workout tutorials. This app will really get you into the mood of working out.”-Sweetcoutureee

“Very useful app. The exercises are very simple to do and don’t require any equipment. Therefore, I can do them anywhere and at anytime.”-hayvuilen33

“Good exercise app. It has an effective method to exercise and it saves a lot of time.” – dotamhvktqs1986

“Improving health with 7 Minutes Workout Program’ – It gave me effective methods for exercise and saved a lot of time.”-honey-ford

Download here from app store :