Fresh Juices for Healthy Body Detox and Juice Cleanses

Juices are supposed to be the best alternative to food these days.  Juices are supposed to quench thirst and are a kind of hydration for all. And for this reason it is also treated as the substitute to water and is ideal way for healthy body detox.

Juice Cleanse
Juice diet

Most of us who are concerned about dieting often depend on juices. And that is the reason why juice cleanses and healthy body detox is becoming popular.

Because it’s an edge over other diets due to the composition it have, it’s been seen that individuals who do not like to consume fruits or vegetables as such like the juices and can consume it simpler.

Juice detox is helpful diet that is in liquid form and is enriched in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It consists of macerated or squeezed part of fruit or vegetable.

The most popular fruits and vegetable for juices are apples, beets, cranberries, carrots, celery, cabbage, kale, pineapple, spinach. Besides these there are lots of other green vegetable that can be used for juice cleanse and healthy body detox.

As fruits and vegetables are lovely source of nutrients and vitamins juice cleanses is beneficial for you. These are basically digested as compared to solid foods and are not aggregative on the digestive process. It also helps liver to rejuvenate and repair itself. Also it facilitate the removal of poisons without absorbing the new ones.

However care should be taken while extracting juice from fresh vegetables and fruits so that you get maximum benefits. You should extract the juice in a most hygienic way using a good electric juicer. Masticating juicer is mostly recommended and you can check about the the best masticating juicer here to get one for your personal use.

To conclude, juice cleanse is usually a therapy or strategy that depend on consumption of juice while abstaining from solid food. It is usually used for the limited time period and may range from 1-3 days. In the event you think that you need longer period you can continue after consulting your health care provider.